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TOCEC- Taiwan Open Course and Education Consortium
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Taiwan Open Course and Education Consortium (TOCEC) promotes OpenCourseWare (OCW) and open education under the principles of openness, sharing and collaboration. TOCEC consisted of leading universities and non-profit organizations in Taiwan since December of year 2008. TOCEC aims to expand open education to all fields of studies and its goal is to break the university walls and boundaries to knowledge exchange. It provides diverse and rich learning resources for the global Chinese communities and creates an environment for life-long learning.

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This year, we have a delegation of more than 10 people. Love to meet you all there in the conference.


Many Thanks, Lun.
Also Warm Greetings from NCHU, Taiwan. It is our pleasure of attending OEGlobal 2023 with our partner universities of TOCEC. Looking forward to seeing you, cheers!

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