:async: Promoting Computer Programming Learning with MOOCs at National Dong Hwa University in Taiwan

Authors: Shin-Feng Lin, Te-Sheng Chang, Min-Xiou Chen, Chia-Ying Lin
Institution: National Dong Hwa University
Country: Taiwan

Topic: Global Collaboration, Strategies, & Policies in Open Education
Sector: Higher Education
UNESCO Area of Focus: Developing supportive policy
Session Format: Poster


The purpose of this video is going to demonstrate the policy and the teaching strategies aimed at promoting computer programming learning in National Dong Hwa University in Taiwan.In 2017, The National Dong Hwa University Implementation Regulation of Computer Programming Competence Requirement for Graduation for Undergraduate Students was put into effect. The regulation conforms that undergraduate students from computer-related departments are sufficient to fulfill the “Information Technology.” Students from non-computer-related departments are required to take an Information Technology course (2 credits). That is, undergraduate students admitted into Dong Hwa university since the fall semester of 2017 are asked to take at least one computer programming course to meet the requirement for graduation.Regarding the teaching strategies of computer programming courses, a variety of methods such as MOOCs, curriculum tracking, classroom implementation, and a certain amount of in-class-teaching assistants have been applied to enhancing student learning outcome.


MOOCs, curriculum tracking, Programming Learning

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