:async: Promoting MOOCs' Talent--The Blended Training Program Planning and Implementation of e-Learning Instructional Designer and Producer

Authors: Shu-Ping Chang, Huei-Ru Lin, You-Chen Lin, Ching-Wen Chang
Institutions: Chihlee University of Technology, Tzu Chi University
Country: Taiwan

Topic: Global Collaboration, Strategies, & Policies in Open Education
Sector: Lifelong Learning
UNESCO Area of Focus: Developing supportive policy
Session Format: Presentation


With technological development, the development of MOOCs has been increasingly mature. From the literature review, it is found that, e-Learning instructional designers remain the kind of professional talent urgently in need of cultivation in Taiwan. And in response to COVID-19, the e-Learning Producers become very important when we operate the asynchronous and synchronous courses. E-Learning Instructional Designers is a category under the Information Technology Expert Competence Assessment developed recently in response to the booming demands for e-learning that include MOOCs in Taiwan. The Regulations on e-Learning instructional designer competence are orientated towards the professional operation of e-Learning instructional designers, targeting the implicit and explicit skills needed in practice through an analysis of the operation, tasks, performance index, knowledge and skills, and body of knowledge of e-Learning instructional designers. As defined by the assessment, the main operation of e-Learning instructional designers can be classified into four areas according to the priority of the E-Course、MOOCs、courseware development project: analysis of training needs, course and courseware design, courseware and development, implementation and evaluation. E-Learning Producers should be the key role of a blended、online classroom before , during and after the training event. This study introduces how we plan and implement the e-Learning instructional designer and producer blended training program, that combines online asynchronous, synchronous instructional activities and classroom workshop. Therefore, the study will present the systematic planning method and implementation process of a fully blended course that incorporates aspects of e-Learning Producers, and offer findings and suggestions as reference for instructors and training organizations intending to utilize MOOCs.


e-Learning instructional designer, e-Learning Producer, blended learning

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