QOTD 6: ConferenceAIng or BrAIding?


Yes, that two letter unavoidable acronym is here at OE Global 2023. A number of sessions are covering aspects of artificial intelligence of interest to open educators.

And attending the conference is Paul Stacey @paulstacey who has been generating great conversations elsewhere in OEG Connect on AI From an Open Perspective.

Beyond as topic, we are asking today to consider what are ways perhaps we might apply the new tools to the conference experience. Who is willing to experiment or help others think about how to put them to work? Do we have some efforts to summarize conference sessions? Apply Ai translation tools? Or perhaps, can large language model tools be fed some conference session abstracts and produce the types of activities we are trying to stimulate under the conference vision of braiding?

And what about AI imagery? Perhaps we can share some AI generated metaphors? Or representations of the conference themes? We tossed a few quick prompts into Craiyon, is this what AI Braiding might look like?

Craiyon generated image by @OEGconnect based on prompt “Robot creating intricate rope patterns”

Let’s talk about AI but also let’s put it into use?