Radio Free Fedi- live music and news streamed from the Fediverse

Try this out, a live radio station on the web that plays music from artists on the fediverse, all openly licensed. Give Radio Free Fedi a try, “sound from the fediverse to the universe”

radio free fedi screen wuth current info on music played and an audio player to turn it one
Visit Radio Free Fedi and click the audio player!

It’s a low fi web site with a powerful purpose:

This is small web, consent driven, artist populated, non-commercial mechanism, attribution promoting, community radio for the fediverse. As with everything your mileage may vary but let’s try this out and hope we can discover some of the awesome talents that are on the fediverse.

We think there is a way to promote each other and co-exist in such an effort leaning a bit less on walled gardens even with blended license and attribution models since attribution and consent are paramount. Any original material from radio free fedi is CC-BY-NC-ND. Any merged or derivative pieces are presented as with permission for radio free fedi and attributed to the collaborators and we note the license and artist link for the original work if applicable. All music and words we play retain the license that shows on this page for each piece as per the artists’ wishes. All copyright materials we play have been consented by each artist for streaming only on radio free fedi.

Right now I am hearing an electric guitar rhythm upbeat --,Circuit Static - “Night Stalker Returns”
Artist link:
Artist Fedi:

Next, is a funky remix that opened with a soft electronic beat over a kind of sports broadcast, now into some kind of moody song, the idea of love as having some kind of announcer overlay? Curious, interesting.

Minutes to Midnight - “Love Field”
Artist Link:
Artist Fedi:

It’s live so it’s always changing! Try Radio Free Fedi for some background music, and let us know if you hear an interesting track.


What a cool idea…

I’m checking it out. Thanks!

Let me know what you find…er hear.

Also, always a favorite is Radio Garden I offer link distractions for free :wink:

Does any one know if it is down? I’ve tried two browsers, and both of them cannot reach the page, Chrome and Edge.

Sorry! It never helps when someone says,“It works for me” but… it does. It does help troubleshooting if you can describe exactly what happens or what you see. Are you getting a “not found” error or something else?

I’d be doubtful of Edge, Firefox is a better alt browser choice.

Javascript is required, and at the bottom it reads

Trouble accessing stream or seeing stream info? Player software varies, you might try another link or changing the stream link to http.

Also, there is a direct link you might try hear the music

The direct link works. Thank You cogdog. My chooses for browsers at work are Chrome or Edge. I’ll try a personal device later.

Link distraction is always fun… :smile:

I’ve been dipping in and out on their two channels, mostly the ‘comfy’ one.

I used Firefox to get to the webpage, by the way, if that helps.

Also, because experimenting is fun, I tried accessing the mp3 stream with VLC media player on my phone. Seems to work well - that’s the way I’ve been listening to it mostly.


I found sound cloud! yesterday. I like Radio Free Fedi still. But with sound cloud I can pick the genre.

That’s fantastic. Soundcloud is wonderful, indeed. It’s a different platform than a radio station, but you can find music, podcasts, and more. It’s more like a YouTube for audio.

I have used it since like 2012 with teaching my digital media classes and having students share audio assignments there.

Hah, here is an impromtu interview with someone I met 9 years ago at Mozfest who was wearing a jacket that had lights sewn into the back that responded to internet radio sounds

And soundcloud offers as well for those who share content to use Creative Commons licenses, which can be used as a filter on search terms (examples).

But glad you found it-- maybe share what you find there!

Very important point! Technically, you can even post in something equivalent to CC0 Public Domain Dedication (by unchecking the attribution radio button).

And, for music, there’s something of a connection with Free Music Archive in that people tend to post on both, I think.

Too bad openly licensed content on SoundCloud isn’t indexed on OpenVerse. Maybe because of license metadata?

(Been using SoundCloud to share little musicking experiments. Have yet to move to a Premium account, because the added features aren’t that compelling for me, apart from the length of uploaded recordings. So, instead, after filling my first account, I created a second one, more specialized.)

Hey Synthbreath! I am sampling now, and would love to create more connections via SoundCloud users here - quickly, I know that @wernerio and @GinoFransman both publish original music there.

I dig the Convolutions here,

I’d be “open” to creating an OEG account and making some playlists of other material, songs, tunes. I have been making use of Free Music Archive songs for all the OEG Voices Podcasts --they gave us a curator account so I made a playlist of all FMA music used but certainly could expand this to use SoundCloud too.

I believe Openverse is working to integrate SoundCloud as well as FMA, it’s more the complexity challenge of working with APIs, but I would guess it will happen soon/eventually.

Like you, I have ended up creating multiple SoundCloud accounts when I reached my limit, I made a bunch of silly/amater EdTech cover songs

So yes, let’s round up others who make use of soundcloud. It’s not just for music, I’d love for some project to collect spoken voice or ambient sound or audio from classes.

Maybe get Librivox in there as well! What @hughmcguire started, such a long time ago, remains relevant.

I’d forgotten about Sound Cloud! I love seeing all the different options for audio - to listen to and to post compositions. It’s great to see the possibilities for the different worlds to talk to one another!!

Thank you cogdog! I had a good laugh with Stream Endangered Sounds by cogdogroo | Listen online for free on SoundCloud trying to figure out the sounds. I think there was a manual typewriter, a punch card print out, the we’re sorry you’re call…, dail up or a fax machine. I know there are more I missed.

Yes, that one was a response to the daily creative activities that have been going on at the DS106 Daily Create since,OMG, 2012.

In these challenges, people are welcome to reply in any way they choose, it’s just a means to try something new and expressive every day, rather than just typing prompts in AI boxes (oops, my disdain is showing).

The one you found I think I created as the example for the challenge #tdc1881 Play the Endangered Sounds asking you to assemble a mix of clips from the Museum of Endangered Sounds– “one man’s collection of the sounds of old technology, ones that “you internet kids” may never experience”

If there was interest here, or maybe I will just make it happen, it would be excellent to see some participation in the Daily Create…