Rapporteur Report: Using H5P creating high quality OER (Asynchronous Interactive Activity)

Rapporteur: Alexandra Okada

This is an useful presentation which includes technical information with procedures principles and examples for learners and educators interested in creating rich media interactive OER.

Asynchronous Interactive Activity ( Language: English, Country: Norway)

Title: Using H5P creating high quality OER
Authors: Ole Fossgård and Johannes Nag

Video (19’): Using H5P creating high quality OER - YouTube

UNESCO OER Action Area: Building capacity 1


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ISSUE: The lack of Tools (not expensive and with high quality easy to use) for teachers to produce OER

RELEVANCE: to enable and empower everyone to create high quality content faster that can be shared, reused and recreated. The presenter explains means media rich interactive learning resources while staying in control over content, software and licensing.

TOOL: WordPress + H5P Plugin (https://h5p.org/)

TECHNICAL INFORMATION: 5P.com also provides integrations for LMSs like Canvas, Brightspace, Blackboard, Moodle and other systems that support the LTI standard. In addition H5P has plugins for WordPress, Moodle, Drupal and several other publishing systems. In Norway, presenters started to use H5P with “Joubel” package.

OER PRINCIPLES: The presentation also highlights some OER principles to enhance practices. Quality of OER must be based in great TOOLs apart from good CONTENT; so that OER should be based on

  • · interactivity, structure and metadata
  • · enabling learners to access content, add their content and get feedback
  • · a good editor for educators and learners to reuse, readapt and recreate with open license, media, code and cross platforms

USEFUL: Presentation provides various examples for interactive learning with clear step-by-step procedures for novice teachers to use H5P

INTERACTIVE: This session engaged interested attendees who provided comments and extra links about how and why to use H5P
For example:

NEW ISSUES: Participants were engaged to install it and also added their own technical issues which creates opportunity for a advanced session in the next conference

MY PERSONAL COMMENTS : I did not know H5P plugin and I will be exploring it in CONNECT-science.net, a large EU project using WordPress Platform for youth to solve real-issues with scientists supported by teachers. Hope to share my practices in NANTES2022.