Repurposing OER

25 faculty of Ethiraj College For Women participated in our @oeweek23 celebrations & published 100 H5P Interactive Content Repurposing #OER in h5pcatalogue Thanks to the wealth of OER repositories like OpenStax, OERCommons etc. Faculty were first trained on OER, Creative Commons Licenses, Repurposing OER and H5P. Also we provided a self evaluation Rubric modified from the original one. Thanks to @Indira for giving me an idea to add Learning Out come mapping idea in the Rubric. 21 H5P Content types are used. Soon, I will be focusing on K-12 School Educators of India to help them know about OER and repurposing OER and creating Interactive content to address diverse learners of Indian schools. Please share your thoughts and comments on Repurposing OER.


This is a tremendous outcome, Sushumna. So the participants made use of the OER sources listed to generate ideas or content for these examples? It will be interesting to see how they continue the creation or implement these activities.

I quickly scanned just a few of the items:

  • The Structure Strip is one of the newer content types I have not explored yet- but I can see how useful it can be for breaking down the parts of the Air BnB Case study
  • The timeline of Forensic Psychology for the case of Sister Abhaya murder case is a good example where the passage of time and order of events is important. This is one I can see maybe paired with a followup question set or fill in the blank for checking understanding.
  • The interactive video for Digital Signatures had a good practice exercise that demonstrates the value H5P offers beyond the video. I would like to see perhaps a few more bits of interaction, but this is probably an early effort (my first H5Ps were really crude).

Any of these H5P contents themselves could be repurposed! For anyone interested in exploring, try the Institution search option on the right for Ethiraj College and look for items created around March 15-17.

Offering the h5pcatalogue is such a valuable service and am very interested to see how it works for the K-12 teachers.


Thank You @cogdog for the detailed review. Yes, I really like sometimes how teachers come up with creative ideas to utilize the content types. And yes, as you said they may be using the timeline with some questions in column content type in their LMs. And few teachers expressed that this is a great content type to explain historical events in the class.

Thank you once again!!