Run Your Own We Like Sharing for OE Week

After our brainstorming conversation with @bdelosarcos the architect of the TU Deflt We Like Sharing Photo Competition we are putting out the call for others in the open education community to remix the concept to offer their own for 2024.

To set the stage for at least one more version, we have set this up for one version of this running at OE Global

and a form set up for collecting photos from anyone who wants to share with us that will then lead to them to be published to our flickr album We Like Sharing @ OEGlobal.

Who Wants To Join Us?

There are not really rules on how to do a local version of We Like Sharing, there are three parts

  • A place to organize and share the photos I’d say for both Bea and I, we Like Flickr- it has built in support for Creative Commons licenses, it’s easy to upload and include the photo credits and details in a caption. Tags provide a nifty way to share across accounts. Anyone can create a free flickr account that will have enough room to run a version of We Like Sharing… But it need not be flickr, you can set up any web system to display a set of photos.

    The TUDelft original version has a flickr account set up just for this effort, for OEGlobal we are using an album within our flickr account.

  • A way for people to share photos We followed also TUDelft’s approach in setting up a Google Form for uploading photos and providing information on the photos shared, but one could use any other form tool or even email for submitting photos.

  • A web page to announce the We Like Sharing @ Somehwere. This could be any web site or even a post here in OEG Connect. This can be then entered as an OE Week Event that lasts the week of Open Education Week.

So let us know below if you are interested and the links for these three elements.

How many We Like Sharing activities can we generate? Reply below with your details, add it as an event for Open Education Week 2024, and your We Like Sharing can join the list.

We Like Sharing Goes Global

WLS Name Share Collection OEWeek Listing
1 WLS @ TU Delft (the original!) Google Form Flickr 2024 Event
2 WLS @ OE Global Google Form Flickr 2024 Event