Seeking Ideas for an "AND" Conference Experience for 2023

I’m calculating (with help) that there are 153 119 38 days until the opening of OE Global 2023 in Edmonton. That seemed like a long time when this post was first written (yes, it has been edited since). but we know how for us humans, time seems to move at different speeds. And oh how, now in September, it is all accelerating.

And this will be the first year I will get to attend an OE Global conference in person. Before I joined this organization, it was never a viable option. And for my first two years, 2020 and 2021, the global pandemic forced us to offer conferences completely online, based here in OEG Connect.

For last year’s conference, COVID was still a concern for me, so I was not in person for the conference in Nantes. We developed the concept of an “AND Conference” experience (blame me for the terminology) as something to be of value for both in person and virtual, but for the latter as more like an Unconference approach not as much as trying to replicate the typical conference format. This was done by creating OEG Connect entries for all conference sessions, and creating a space for anyone to start a topic or activity Unconference style, plus an Interaction Space to to bridge both with discussions around live streamed keynotes and live audio conversations between online participants and people in Nantes.

That was 2022.

What Should We Do for 2023?

This has yet to be defined, except that the conference site does indicate that all presentations will be set up as their own topic here in OEG Connect for presenters to post presentation materials and potentially as discussion spaces.

My idea would be to encourage presenters to post specific questions they would like to get answered or open ended prompts related to their presentation. Or suggest ways by which anyone, attending the conference or not, can contribute (Wiki style topics? editable docs?)

The floor here is open to what else we might do. These are just Alan’s Starting Brainstorm List, nothing officially committed.

  • Live streamed sessions will depend on the support/interest from our hosts. Perhaps this will be the primary/keynotes?
  • Live informal conversations This is something I will take on to coordinate, be it audio conversations live from the conference, but more like a few of the OEG Live (web cast) sessions we have started piloting.
  • Ongoing Asynchronous Discussions We can certainly open the “Interaction” zone like 2022 for informal activities for attendees in person and remote/virtual
  • Around the Clock? At the conference we are planted in the time zone, can we organize some volunteers to perhaps lead activities, discussions for those in the antipode of Edmonton (to be precise the antipode to the conference location is in the southern Indian Ocean with closest city being Port-aux-Français, Kerguelen in the French Southern Territories)?
  • Curating / Summarizing / Translating What can any participant do to amplify/summarize what happens in a conference? Even in person, it’s much more than any single person can take in.
  • Possible Pre Conference Unconference (?) This is completely Alan’s own half thought. What if we created an online unconference a month, 2 weeks before the main conference? It could be open to presenters to offer previews or prompts for input into their own session and perhaps ways for remote/virtual participants to contribute/share their own work on topics related to the conference theme. This is nota suggestion for online presentations, but perhaps participatory activities (resource gathering, tech demos, wiki style editing?)

Shrug. I do not have specific answers yet, but the feedback from the last 3 years suggests there are many more people interested in the conference topics/sessions/experience that can possibly attend. What are the ways to create connections for in person and remote/virtual participants that avoid the pitfalls of trying to replicate the presentation focus format online (which to me is not often effective).

I have no specific answers nor promises we can make. That is why I am writing this as an open call for ideas.

Please let us know what you would like to see for an esperience of participating from afar or if attending, how we can make this a participatory possibility for those Not In Edmonton.


Thank you for posting this!!!

I was feeling rather wistful about this conference. I love the topic - finding ways that open education can help make a more equal and sustainable world - but for multiple reasons can’t possibly attend the conference itself.

I’m very new to this community but let me know if you need help.


Thanks Eleanor, you will hear from me!

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Thank you!! Sorry for the late reply.

We are a bit over a month out from the conference. I sadly acknowledge from messages that many are unable to travel, and we are not able to create an effective or doable hybrid conference experience.

I still believe we can still make connections and sharing between those who are fortunate to be able to travel to Edmonton and those who will be afar.

What’s On the Table Now

  • Program. The full program will soon be published via Sched, and all sessions and materials added by presenters will be public. For now, refer to the provisional Schedule to see the dates/time, titles, and presenters for all sessions.
  • Live Streamed Sessions. If you review the provision schedule available now, note that all sessions from two rooms, Salon 8/10 and Salon 12, will be live streamed. Details are in progress, but you can count on us adding these here in OEG Connect enabling each one to have an attached dialogue.
  • OEG Live. In the lead up to the conference, we will be hosting a few OEG Live sessions (one starts in 2 hours!). I am planning to run a few from the conference too.
  • Unpresentation? You are welcome to share anything in the vein of a presentation here in OEG Connect, but it’s not quite the same as a conference slot, and again, this is not a virtual conference. What we do encourage anyone to do, is to start a new topic in the main conference space and share anything you want (video, documents, slide decks, links, free form ideas) that relates to the conference theme, a track, or a particular session. Maybe tag it as unpresentation?
  • Ask Just asking a question in public here is a huge contribution!
  • Braiding In support of the conference vision of two-eyed seeing and braiding, we are asking to consider making braids visible here in OEG Connect? How? Share a resource, paper, link, image, presentation, video, or just thought that is related to a conference theme or session. Or connect to a person at or not at the conference.
  • Sharing Out From the Conference If you will be in Edmonton, fantastic! We hope you consider posting here a reflection, connection that might help someone not at the conference to learn from, share, or contribute back to.

At least check into the conversations happening here, and favorite, share, and reply often in the OEG Connect space. Or look for more polls and photo challenges.
It’s not a virtual conference, but it can be connected.

I’m very open to ideas to make this conference as open as possible.

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