What's an Unpresentation? (Shrug) Whatever you want to share, connect!

We are getting queries if there is a virtual conference option for OEGlobal 2023. Unfortunately we are not able to offer a typical experience as a virtual participant or presenter but here in OEG Connect we are striving to offer opportunities to be part of this even if you cannot be in Edmonton, what we have called an AND Conference (well I called it that last year).

You can count on having access to two of the session rooms where we will be live streaming sessions, including all keynotes. What we hope is that you use OEG Connect to ask questions about scheduled sessions, share related projects, research – all of this is part of the conference vision of “braiding” meaning we can connect together people not at the conference with ones there.

In a topic where I tossed out possible ideas I suggested “unpresentations” for (a) people who were planning to come to present and travel challenges prevented it or (b) people who want to share their work, but cannot travel.

Nothing prevents you from sharing anything you wished to present here! Except of course, there’s not a real audience per se, so slides and recordings likely will not get much attention.

Therefore, as an “unpresentation”, just create a new topic in the main conference space, enter a tag for unpresentation in the editor, and share anything, like, maybe below and also include a question that you might want a response with (not the greatest example, but I’m trying)

I read the description of the panel on " 10 Years of Z-Degrees" , so I wanted to share some of the planning documents, dashboards, and progress made on the Z-Degrees at XYZ University…
First of all we have been doing this since 2018 and in this data report (link) you will find.

What I am curious is anyone has developed a better way to …

with maybe some links, a few graphs, well anything you would want to share in a presentation or in conversation with someone at the conference.

Like I said, I am just trying to develop some new ways to participate in a conference! Help us co-invent this

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OK @cogdog I’m going to give it a shot and try making a new topic and an unpresentation, to ‘break the ice’ and knowing that this is experimental !! If people are interested, then I can develop and build on it … :slightly_smiling_face:. If not, no problem …

Hi @cogdog, I am attempting to make a new topic but if I’m in OE Global 2023 category and unpresentation tag, it doesn’t allow me to do this (New Topic is greyed out as per image below).

If I leave it as ‘all categories’, I can create a new topic. What should I do for the best?

Thanks, Lesley

Ahh thanks, I had to make a settings change, you should be able to create new topics now. Thanks for being active here, and I am eager to learn more of the “becoming” research approach you described.

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Hi @cogdog thanks for your reply but I’m still getting the same as the image above with the New Topic box greyed out … it greys out as soon as I choose OE Global 2023 as the category …

Apologies now OK have logged out and come back in again :slightly_smiling_face: