On Braiding at OE Global 2023

Following the OEGlobal 2023 conference vision of braiding is something I believe/hope we can generate here in OEG Connect.

In addition to organizing some conference sessions using a typical thematic approach, we will also apply the concept of Indigenous braiding. In many local Indigenous cultures, particularly First Nations, braiding is a significant cultural practice with tremendous symbolic meaning, including the feeling of connectedness to the “creator, their ancestors, and the land,” (Monkman 2017). At OE Global 2023, some sessions will interweave and braid together different tracks and sessions to capture this spirit of connection and belief in a better future for all through the power of open education. Our aim is to provide each participant with the opportunity to experience the beauty of Indigenous braiding by intricately weaving some distinct conference tracks, leaving them with insight into other subject areas and a more holistic experience.

This approach aligns with the Cree understanding of natural law by the word wahkôhtowin meaning “everything is related” and appropriately the name chosen by NorQuest College for their Indigenization strategy. Thus acts of braiding are to make visible and share those interconnections.

Braiding in This Space

We create braids with the words and ideas we write here, but it’s more than sharing notes and links. It should include reflection on Indigenous perspective from the places we are and work, considering our own positionally, and even how it is we are learning/listening/being with others.

Braiding in the world is an act we do with our hands, and here in Connect your hands can act via our devices to braid the conference experience. The tools available start with your heart and mind, but also include, when speaking in this text box space:

  • Hyperlinks. The basic unit of connection on the world wide web is linking from one place to another. Link often in your posts. Link to specific conference sessions or resources included in them. Link to your own resources to make a connection. Link to other projects, people, places, that you can connect to presentations, sessions
  • @ People. We braid not only links and ideas, but ourselves. Use the @ in your connect message to mention another person (find their username in the discussions, the directory, or searching by typing the @ followed by their name). A mention creates a direct notification to another person, as an invitation to respond back.
  • Tag (and tag often). When you create a new topic, make use of tags to connect your post to larger ideas. themes, places. If you start typing a tag in the optional tags box of the editor here, the system will suggest tags that exist or you can create new ones.

What are ways you see we can together braid during the OEGlobal 2023 experience? What if this was done before, during, and after the event?

This is where you can put the Reply button below to work.