:async: SPARC Open Education Leadership Program

Author: Nicole Allen
Institution: SPARC
Country: United States

Topic: Applications of Open Education Practices/Open Pedagogy/Open Education Research
Sector: Community College
UNESCO Area of Focus: Building capacity
Session Format: Poster


The SPARC Open Education Leadership Program is a two-semester professional development initiative aimed at building expertise and capacity to advance open education in academic institutions. Over two semesters, the program blends online, peer-to-peer, and project-based learning opportunities to develop participants into subject matter experts with the practical know-how to advance open education initiatives on campus. Now in its fourth year, the program has graduated more than 60 leading open education advocates who are advancing the open education cause to benefit students across North America.

This poster session will share lived experiences from both graduates and current fellows, including their leadership development journeys and capstone project outcomes. Program staff, participants, and mentors welcome questions, comments, and conversations about the teaching pedagogy and open education practice fostered by the program. The cohort would like to empower others to lead OER projects in their communities.

The program’s full curriculum is also available under an open license.


LeadOER, Leadership, Professional Development, Training

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Estoy interesado en saber donde y como registrarse esos dos semestres
Para cursar el programa de Liderazgo en Educación Abierta de SPARC
Muchas Gracias

Hello @estebanvazquez, the FAQ may be of interest. The program is overseen by @txtbks.

Also, the curriculum (which was mentioned in the abstract), available under CC-BY 4.0, can be found on the SPARC website. Unsure if their resources are available in Spanish, so that may be an opportunity right there… :slightly_smiling_face: