:async: Strategies, Challenges and Operations of Deploying MOOC Model on Teaching Culinary Art Courses for Lifelong Learning

Authors: Tsong-Zen Liu, Yu-Ru Chen
Institution: National Kaohsiung University of Hospitality and Tourism
Country: Taiwan

Topic: Innovation through MOOCs practices
Sector: Lifelong Learning
UNESCO Area of Focus: Inclusive OER
Session Format: Presentation


Based on the flourish of Massive Open Online Courses(MOOCs) and the shortage of online culinary art courses, this research try to discover the strategies, challenges and operations of teaching cooking skills using MOOC model for lifelong learning. During the last five years, MOOCs development group of National Kaohsiung University of Hospitality and Tourism(NKUHT) has created more than 12 culinary art MOOCs and gained good achievements on open education awards. Qualitative research methods including in-depth interview and field observation were used on the MOOCs development group and target courses. Traditional instruction design process ADDIE was used to structure the interview questions and results. Because these culinary art MOOCs were deployed on the Taiwanlife lifelong learning website. It is found that the strategies to courses analysis and design differed from the academical MOOCs. Additionally, the operation methods of course development and implementation need to more attractive than other MOOCs. On the other hand, there were many teaching and learning challenges including kitchen environment, special equipment and educational policies during the course evaluation process. Some suggestions to the MOOCs group who want to deploy similar practical lifelong learning courses will be represented at the end of this research.


MOOCs, Culinary Art Course, In-depth Interview, ADDIE, Lifelong learning, NKUHT