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What’s cool? John Lennon Live Again - All You Need is Prompt (AI Generated Video)

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John Lennon is Live Again Thanks to AI - All you Need is Prompt to create an AI Generated Video.

Imagine all the people, seeing Lennon live again! Thanks to the power of AI, we’ve brought John Lennon back to the stage. You won’t believe your eyes or ears! Dive into the future of music and see how we’re revolutionizing the way we experience our favorite artists. ‘All You Need is Prompt’ for AI to recreate magic! Don’t miss this, subscribe and follow us.

Since many people asked me how to do it, hereby the steps:

  1. Create a script with your own brain or ChatGPT-4

  2. Clone a voice with Play.ht or Elevenlabs

  3. Make your image with Midjourney.

  4. Render multiple talking pictures with HeyGen or D-ID

  5. Edit with Adobe Premiere Pro.

Where is it?: John Lennon Live Again - All You Need is Prompt - AI Generated Video - YouTube

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Apologies of not relevant. I was testing again the small pieces that enable these links showing up here and in Mastodon.

This consists of:

For the past few days, the API connection to Pinboard was a bit kerflooey, so I have been testing.

But enough of that, what about this AI John Lennon, is it convincing?

The thing is, the suggestion is that AI (as if it is a single entity) is generating the video. Check the notes above.

ChatGPT is used maybe to write a script.
That is feed into another service that creates audio from the script.
Midjpurney is unsed toi create images,
And yet some other service (I have to know look up HeyGen and D-ID) generates video.

And look! The author edits again in Premier Pro. So lots of pieces here that make us of AI, but not quite just type in.a box and John Lennon starts talking.

Or maybe that’s soon?