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What’s of interest? Indigenous Peoples in Education: A Stock Photo Collection – An Image SPLOT

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Our team at Thompson Rivers University created the Indigenous Education Stock Photos collection due to a lack of open-source photos of Indigenous students for use in OER. The spirit of the photo collection is to allow educators to represent Indigenous peoples in their OER so that Indigenous students can see themselves reflected in their learning materials.

This project was funded jointly by BCcampus and the TRU OER Development Grant and developed in consultation with the TRU Office of Indigenous Education and a TRU community stakeholder session. TRU production and media teams and the TRU Open Press assisted in producing the content.

All photos have a CC BY NC SA license:

  • You may use, adapt, and share them, but you must attribute the photographer and link back to the collection

  • You may not use the photos for commercial purposes

  • You must distribute any created derivatives under the photo’s original license

Where is it?: https://indigenouseducationstockphotos.trubox.ca/

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This is awesome! I love the convergence of OER and Indigenous reconciliation.

It is very interesting…
Centrr for Online Education & Learning ( COEL), Dr. B. R. Ambedkar Open university, Hyderabad, India, published Flora and Fauna of their campus.

DR.B.R.Ambedkar Open University, Hyderabad campus spreads on an elevated site of 53.63 acres (217,000 m2), Longitude at 78.4070691°N, Latitude at 17.4325894°E in Jubilee Hills (Elevation 589.75m (1934.88ft), has a tropical wet and dry or savanna climate (Classification: Aw) spread with a lush green and sprawling oxygen rich and eco-friendly seat of quality learning at the hills bordering Durgam Cheruvu and Hitech urban city forming a good lung space in the heart of the city. The natural thick green spread with big trees, creepers, rocks, bounlders, fruiting trees, many animal species etc forming Urban Forest.
The urban forest has inculcated an idea to study biodiversity of our campus and Department of Zoology and Botany worked to document flora and fauna. The university aimed at protecting, preserving, managing the wildlife and natural resources such as forest and water. The identified plant and animal species are photographed for identification for description in the form of a book.

You can see by following link

Just one more note here that I added the TRU Indigenous Peoples in Education link to a really valuable and extensive collection of resources/sites to find diverse images of people, curated by my colleague @LizYata