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What’s of interest? Leveraging Transformative AI to Support Curriculum Alignment | by Jamie Alexandre | Learning Equality

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When implementing an edtech project, either you invest in creating a whole new set of teaching and learning materials yourself, or you take advantage of a wealth of Open Education Resources that have been created by others and released under free and open licenses. These open resources, however, were generally created with specific contexts in mind, and are scattered across various sources on the Internet, each of which is organized differently. Curriculum alignment is the process of organizing, adapting, and contextualizing resources to the standards and learning objectives of the national curriculum or textbook that is relevant to the learners and educators being served by a program — and is a critical ingredient in enabling discovery and use of these resources to support effective learning.

Learning Equality’s open-source product suite Kolibri (Kolibri : A Free, Open Source Education for All | Learning Equality) includes an easy tool, Kolibri Studio, for aligning content from the Kolibri Library of nearly 200,000 open resources, along with one’s own materials, to specific curricular standards. While this process is simpler and more fluid than the spreadsheet-based methods used by many who do alignment work, it still involves tedious and time-consuming tasks, which can raise cost and capacity barriers. When adding on to that the need for rapid alignment to new standards when a crisis arises, it becomes clear why UNHCR has been strongly advocating for and supporting this work towards automation.

So what parts of this process are we automating?

The first area we set out to automate, culminating in a Kaggle machine learning competition we co-hosted earlier this year, was the matching of resources to specific objectives and topic areas within a target curriculum. We now have some very efficient and effective multilingual recommender models that are openly released, and also being integrated into Kolibri Studio to support streamlined workflows.

Where is it?: Leveraging Transformative AI to Support Curriculum Alignment | by Jamie Alexandre | Learning Equality

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This is interesting on many levels. First of all, Kolibri fits in with my ongoing interest in Offline OER, and I have started doing a project with making OER content available in this platform.

But also, as I read, this is a very compelling case for putting AI to use in open education, and in a manner not focused on the usual discussed issues of generative AI.

And I cannot help but expect, from previous discussions of addressing curricular alignment with primary education in Chile, that @wernerio is part of this.