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A mentoring & training program for Open Science ambassadors

The Open Seeds program by OLS is for people interested in applying open principles in their work and becoming Open Science ambassadors in their communities.

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Just completed this 16 week “sprint” and it was really worth my time. Some may remember the “Open Umbrella” (OU). I presented about it on OE Global a few years ago. For those who don’t know about it, the OU offers a lecturer or teacher 8 different OER inspired entry points for ICTE (assessment, teaching & learning strategies, learning activities, content, communication, administration design, support strategies). These eight entry points are used across three components or resources.

  • Self Evaluation Tool
  • A Field Guide
  • A Collection of Digital Badges

The above presentation entitled “Preparing for the next storm” asks the question whether we should be looking at “Disruption or Incremental Innovation”. In the presentation I suggest a process by which the Open Umbrella may be “unfurled”. This presentation was given as the capstone graduation event of Cohort 8 of the Open Seeds programme. It is the culmination of a 16 week mentorship journey run by openlifesci.

Thanks Derek, the Umbrella and its ranges of being open are a valuable metaphor. We enjoy seeing how it has evolved. For anyone reading, there are some practical guides Derek included with his OEGlobal 2021 presentation:

In what ways/contexts is it being applied? How are educators responding to the concept?

Thanks Alan. Sadly, the Open Umbrella contract did not materialize as described. The initiative still remains utilized (sigh). There is always a lot of interest from colleagues, but no real uptake. Pushing it now gradually up on GitHub. Incremental innovation can be slow (ha). The unfurling has been a rich learning experience for me.