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Because if p < 0.05, why not publish?

This is a spoof of having an LLM generate fake research papers bast on pure random correlation.

Step 1: Gather a bunch of data.

Step 2: Dredge that data to find random correlations between variables.

Step 3: Calculate the correlation coefficient, confidence interval, and p-value to see if the connection is statistically significant.

Step 4: If it is, have a large language model draft a research paper.

Step 5: Remind everyone that these papers are AI-generated and are not real. Seriously, just pick one and read the lit review section.

Step 6: …publish

" The silliness of the papers is an artifact of me (1) having fun and (2) acknowledging that realistic-looking AI-generated noise is a real concern for academic research (peer reviews in particular). The papers could sound more realistic than they do, but I intentionally prompted the model to write papers that look real but sound silly. Also: every page says ‘This paper is AI-generated" at the bottom and the first letters of the names of the authors always spell out C-H-A-T-G-P-T.’"

Where is it?: Spurious Scholar

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This is extremely creative! Loved it. And the way it brings out the main points is just AMAZING. :smiley:

Isn’t it? You may also enjoy his earlier project that I found long ago, Spurious Correlations a great way to question what correlations in data mean (or not). I could envision a learning activity to generate a new example.