The Flip on Collecting Open Assets for Open Education Week 2024

In the spirit of sharing OE Week news here first to the OEG Connect community, we are now set up with a different approach to the typical collecting done of open assets or resources.

Previously our approach was to collect information for our own database/repository, which has a good number of items collected throughout the years of OE Week (look around).

I wondered, however, given how many (hundreds? more?) of OER repositories if, like the calendar of distributed events that is created each year, if we flipped the approach for asset collection. This means thar we ask the open education community to add open assets to any repository where it has not yet been added, not just park it in our own one.

My idea is to try to track how much newly shared OERs we can together generate to be added to the world between now and the end of the month when Open Education Week takes place.

Before I over explain things, you can pretty much chart your own path.

Of course the first thing is deciding what kind of open asset you might share. It can be big or small, something you created or perhaps remixed from other OER. Even if it is shared already on a web site or in a specific repository, you can add it to another one, spread it around.

But where might you add? I began asking a few months ago for recommended repositories but no list is every comprehensive enough. What we have on the Open Asset form where we ask you to “share what you shared” are just a few as suggestions. You can enter than name of whatever one is most appropriate or available for you.

I fully expect people to point out what is missing from the list (and will modify as suggested). But the suggestions are merely to indicate a range of possibilities. Your local OER specialist, librarian, consultant, colleague can certainly make better recommendations than me.

Lastly, the results from the Google form are rendered into a dynamic, searchable, filterable table in our Open Asset Explorer

As it expands, we hope you venture into the open assets shared, and maybe let us know here in OEG Connect what you discovered.

How much can we add here? That’s up to you (meaning the collective “you” of everybody participating in Open Education Week). This is an experiment that, to me, aligns, with the distributed characteristic of Open Education Week.

Please add assets and spread the word.