:sync: The Importance of Ethics in Open Data Science: How Students and Teachers can Learn the Importance of Being Human Through Computational Thinking

Authors: Byron Chu, Verena Roberts, David Hay
Institution: Cybera - Callysto Project
Country: Canada

Topic: Connecting Open Education to Primary and Secondary (K-12) Education
Sector: K-12
UNESCO Area of Focus: Inclusive OER
Session Format: Panel


Make mistakes, accept failure, persevere, collaborate, empathize and consider someone else’s perspective! K-12 students are encouraged to be human in their everyday learning environments. However, integrating learning design to develop these learning outcomes is a lot harder to do. Open data science and open source programming is premised on the idea of a shared learning commons, where people intentionally share information so others can build new knowledge and expand learning beyond isolated computer files, research labs or classroom walls. This presentation will focus on how open data and being part of the open source community amplifies human-centered learning by bridging technology human interactions. Considering ethical perspectives in data science, computational thinking strategies will be used as a framework to guide human-centered critical thinking.


open data science, human-centered learning, Ethics

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