The Monday Stream

Hello, and good morning (well if you are in france, where I am it’s still night), welcome to OEGlobal22!

The venue is OPEN, in nantes and here in OEG Connect…

With live streamed sessions available from both Auditorium 450:

and Salle 200:

Are you ready to be inspired by our keynote, Dr. Sian Proctor?

Share your responses, comments, suggestions here in OEG Connect and/or social media and/or everywhere.

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There’s room for us… the eager ones sit in front!

photo by @Mario sent via WhatsApp

And here we go, the view from the stream, the welcome by Nantes Université presiden Carine Bernault

During the opening @cdlh recognizes the return “not to normal” and calls out to the audience here in OEG Connect

they see us!