The Pulse Question 1: In Nantes or Not In Nantes? We are Together Here

During the AND Conference we will generate some thoughtful (at least in the future!) daily questions as taking a conference pulse, posted here as a poll, where you can also expand as a reply to the post.

The Pulse Question 1

This quiz is easy! The value will be in your responses below…

For the OEGlobal 2022 Conference where will you participate from?

  • In Nantes (in person)
  • Not In Nantes (online)

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That was easy, right?

Now we’d like to hear how you are interested in being part of the interactions that will connect participants (many of them are the same, regardless of your answer).

First respond with a greeting, let us know where you are located (or say hello over here, can we have too many places to say hello?). And as well, let us know how we can be one connected conference group.

If you will be in Nantes…

Let us know if you are willing/interested in:

  • Adding notes, highlights. comments from conference sessions to their entry here in OEG Connect
  • Participating in the Interacting Spaces activities
  • Attaching key points from sessions as annotations to the UNESCO OER Recommendation (link TBA)
  • Posting/sharing event photos here or in social media (link TBA)
  • Joining an informal hallway conversation via Twitter Spaces audio chat to share the atmosphere with the people Not n Nantes (link TBA)
  • Responding to our OEG Vox Pop Audio Questions (link TBA)

If you will be Not be in Nantes…

All of these same items are available for you to participate in via OEG Connect, but… there is one more special opportunity, we invite you to:

  • Create an Un-Conference session to promote discussion and collaboration around any of the conference themes/ topics

As the one responsible for this “AND Conference” concept and writer of most content here so far, I ought to start the conversation here.

While the Nantes conference plans unfolded, we heard a desire to be part of the event from those who wanted to travel but circumstances prevented it. I am with you here- for health concerns, I am in the Not In Nantes group, and will participate with those interested here.

For many others who were part of our two previous online conference, the opportunity to travel is not available. Thus this ideas.

I plan to be:

I hope you are interested in being part of this! Log in or create an account on OEG Connect (blue buttons in top right) and next join the conference attendee group – this enables the ability to reply and post new topics.

Jump in and say hello!


Hello! I will not be physically present in Nantes – as much as I wish I could be – but I hope to be an active participant virtually through the “And Conference.” My body will be here in Austin, Texas, where spring has sprung in full bloom (here is a photo of my spectacular star jasmine; Alan, any way I can share the heavenly scent digitally? :slight_smile: ) and my dogs will be glad I remain here. But my mind and spirit will be in France. I’ll be sure to create a postcard, and I have one idea for an interactive session, so stay tuned!

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Wow what a beautiful garden you have framed in Jasmine and nice to see hints of Austin behind, I was here often in the mid 2000s for work, it’s a gem of a city.

Transmitting smell? Can digital olfaction ride on a blockchain? I ended up down a Wikipedia rabbit hole learning about the attempts in the 1960s for Smell-O-Vision, what a terrible brand name!

But yes, I think as we discussed earlier we should create an interaction activity where we can ask participants to share the sense of smell through words or voice. How can you relay that jasmine smell? By description? music? color? It’s an interesting challenge. Bring on your cheese expertise!

Our team was thinking of pairing this with one of the conference events where there will be sampling of local food and crafts.

Spring finally came with warm weather and abundant sun here in the Saskatchewan prairies. My wife and I are are eager to see trees like this aspen we planted last year come back (we actually still have a few snow mounds in the shaded areas!) and hopefully many sprouting wildflowers. We have gorgeous light.

Thanks for being part of this effort.


I am also not able to join in Nantes, though I do wish I could. For expenses and other reasons it’s not in the cards for me. But I am very happy there will be opportunities to participate from elsewhere!

For me, elsewhere is Vancouver, BC, Canada, which is on the traditional and unceded territory of the Musqueam, Squamish, and Tseil-Waututh Nations. Recently I took this photo of a purple flower that makes me very happy but I don’t know what it is!

(Image description: purple flower with many flat, wide petals and a dark purple centre.)

We have also enjoyed a long cherry and plum blossom season that is now past, with tulips on the wane.

I am looking forward to participating in the AND conference however I can. My schedule is such that I won’t be able to do a lot I’m afraid, but I do want to connect in at least sometimes, where possible!


I’ve wanted to visit Nantes since I learned of Les Machines de I’ile. Some day…
The Machines of the Isle of Nantes (Les Machines de l’île) is an artistic, touristic and cultural project based in Nantes, France. In the old covered buildings of the former shipyards in Nantes that were at one time used for ship construction (les nefs), and later used as business sites, the Machines of the Isle are created by two artists, François Delarozière (of La Machine production company) and Pierre Orefice (of Manaus association).
The projects aim to promote the city’s image and intend to build an identity for it as a creative metropolis of dream and of fantasy. The site was opened to the public on 1 July 2007. Machines of the Isle of Nantes - Wikipedia
Giant mechanical animals stalk French theme park | CNN Travel
Enjoy Nantes!


Thanks for dropping in Christina, it’s interesting how a photo theme emerges, this time around it’s flowery. I feel like I should know that purple flower, but I cannot summon an identification. But it makes for picturesque spot by the water.

I’m open/interested to hearing what sorts of connection events, activities would be of use when squeezed into a busy schedule (yes we are making this up as we go).

What a beautiful flower!

Hello Mark,

Indeed those machines are more than compelling. I feel like there is some crossover connection to machines (and how these days we are talking often about non-mechanical machines that purport to be learning) and back to the machine imagination of a future looking writer who was born in Nantes.

There is a planned evening event taking place at Les Machines de l’île and we are hoping to set up a live streamed connection to share the experience. I am sure there will be many photos of those machines!

Hi Alan
Great to hear! I’ve been a Jules Verne fan since I was a boy.
I don’t believe machines learn, they just aggregate the data they are fed. GIGO!

Thanks, Alan, for asking about activities that one can squeeze into a busy schedule. For me, it’s asynchronous activities (like participating here!) that one can do when one has a bit of time between meetings, or before work, or after work, etc. Could be something like asynchronous work to annotate something, or to build something together through contributions that can happen over time. I don’t have anything specific in mind, but what I find is that when things are scheduled at a particular time, I usually can’t go unless I have put them into my schedule at least two weeks in advance or there’s no room! I may be an exception there of course… :slight_smile:

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Hello from India! Physically in India but heart in Nantes.
Wonderful photos from everyone! Makes one feel ‘present’ there! By the way, @cogdog , the digital olfaction is something I haven’t heard much about. Thanks for mentioning that. Will look it up.

It is a scorching 45 degree Celsius here! This is from a nearby hill station that our Department at the University visited last week. This valley will be lush green soon, once the monsoon arrives in mid June. See the clouds towards the right top corner of the photo? They will still take a month to convert into monsoon clouds.

I am looking forward to all interaction here and will be putting up an activity soon!

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