The rise of Saudi Sun (SHMS): Leveraging Open Educational Resources and Capacity Building to Promote Access and Openness in Education :sync:

Tahani Aldosemani (Ministry of Education-Prince Sattam University), Tahani Aldosemani (Ministry of Education)

In this webinar, the author will present and discuss SHMS platform the national OER program in Saudi Arabia and the main initiative of the National Open Education Resources Program that offers secure and reliable educational resources for all students, teachers, faculties, and parents. The presentation will discuss SHMS strategic planning processes in line with UNESCO recommendations and more specifically will focus on its first recommendation of “building capacity of stakeholders to create access, use, adapt and redistribute OER”. Further, it will discuss the strategic goals and initiatives that have been set to define the initiatives and plans to implement the open educational resources initiative are based on the following ; adopt OER foundations according to intellectual properties, spread awareness and a culture of open resources, partnership of strategic entities and alliances, human resources development and capacity building, technical infrastructure development, adequacy of funding and efficient spending, development and establishment of OER regulations and frameworks, OER quality and effectiveness, and creativity and scientific research.

To achieve its strategic goals, the Saudi OER program made sustainable path to partnership in design, improvement, maintenance, and enhancing the quality of the digital educational content and contribute in providing more educational opportunities for Arabic speakers. The program success was achieved through partnerships with leading international and Arabic institutions for building digital repository. In addition, the Saudi OER program SHMS provides academics and students in the Middle East the opportunity to participate in enriching the content through well-defined process to ensure quality of open educational resources.

The National E-learning Center improved SHMS platform and extended its partnership with more than 16 member universities and 75 educational institutions And Information Technology, Ministry of Human Resources, Ministry of Economy and Planning, Education and Training Evaluation Commission, Public Administration Institute, Technical and Vocational Training Corporation, Saudi Aramco, Saudi Digital Library, the Saudi Research & Innovation Network (Maeen Network). The partnership included key private entities in E-Learning and digital content and resources.

The OER program’s main objectives that are based on six major fundamental directions as follows; to contribute to the quality of lifelong education, enhance the quality and accessibility of teaching and learning resources, build capacity of participants in developing sector-wide OER policies, strengthen the coordination in design, development and quality assurance of OER, establish the best open educational practices, products and outstanding processes through self-evaluation and peer review, and encourage researchers and developers to conduct studies and propose guidelines and solutions to enhance the national OER system.

The presentation will discuss the program’s eight successful initiatives to achieve its strategic goals SHMS platform according to UNESCO recommendation, SHMS Author, SHMS Cloud, Rabeh (champion)license, OER Distinguished Achievement Award, SHMS Ambassadors, SHMS Sana, and SHMS Certificate. Additionally, the presentation will discuss SHMS resources that were curated by experts of the SHMS team for quality, compliance to open license and alignment to Saudi educational and cultural standards before being published on SHMS platform.

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UNESCO OER Action Area: Building Capacity
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