Webinar 01 Building Capacity

This webinar addresses the Building Capacity UNESCO OER action area. A recording of this session will be added as soon as possible.


UNESCO OER Action Area: Building Capacity

Webinar Chair: Bea de los Arcos @bdelosarcos

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Duration: 2h 30m

Language: English

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Dear all,

Greetings from Delft, in The Netherlands. My name is Bea de los Arcos and I work as an online learning developer at the Extension School for Continuing Education, TU Delft. I’ll be chairing this Action Area Webinar session focusing on UNESCO OER Recommendation – Capacity Building. You’ll be kicking off the OE Global 2021 online conference so no pressure! :wink:

Quick reminder that each of you will have 20 minutes for your presentation. If things run smoothly, this should then leave us approximately 30 minutes at the end for discussion and taking comments/questions from participants.

May I suggest we keep the running order as stated in the program above? That would be as follows:

10:00 Welcome

10:10 Jacques Dang and Carole Schorle-Stefan - A course on OER and Creative Commons licensing for capacity building

10:30 Judith Fathallah - New systems for Open Access books: an innovative platform

10:50 Rob Farrow - Innovating Open Education: Critical Pathways and Communities of Practice

11:10 Tahani Aldosemani - The rise of Saudi Sun (SHMS): Leveraging Open Educational Resources and Capacity Building to Promote Access and Openness in Education 4

11:30 Ebba Ossiannilsson & colleagues - Global Monitoring of the UNESCO OER Recommendation

11:50 Discussion and closing notes.

Please introduce yourselves here, and write a wee note if you have any questions.

@EbbaOssiannilsson and colleagues, will you all be presenting, or do you have a designated speaker?

Looking forward to seeing you all next week!



Hello everyone, nice to meet you. I have uploaded my slides and a Zenodo listing to my session page

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Nice to meet you Bea and fellow panelists! And it sounds great I like the idea of following same order and will be posting my information soon. Thanks you.


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Hi! My slides are available from Innovating Open Education: Critical Pathways and Communities of Pract…

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You can download ICDE’s presentation on this session here: ICDE Francophone OER Project presenting at several conferences this fall — ICDE

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