A course on OER and Creative Commons licensing for capacity building :sync:

Jacques Dang (L’universite Numerique), Carole Schorle-Stefan (Universite Ouverte des Humanites), Torunn Gjelsvik (ICDE), Wayne Mackintosh (OER Foundation), Zeynep Varoglu (UNESCO)

This webinar focuses on an example of capacity building opportunities offered by the LIDA 103 course of the OER Foundation on “Open education, copyright and open licensing in a digital world”. Developed by one of the New Zealand UNESCO Chairs for Open Education, headed by Dr. Wayne Mackintosh, for the English-speaking world and Common Law countries, it has been translated into French by UNESCO and adapted to cover Civil Law countries by L’Université Numérique, the French Digital University. It is not a law course per se, but a course that opens the minds of learners and authors to the opportunities offered by various dimensions of “openness”, such as open access, open educational resources and enables them to address the legal complexity faced by government bodies, schools and higher education institutions when they implement open education.

Its strengths:

  • It is a free online capacity development course
  • It provides free access to an online test, whereby successful learners have the opportunity to gain a Competency certificate
  • It covers both Common Law and Civil Law countries
  • It relies on a documented process, that is replicable in other languages, starting with Portuguese and Spanish.

Extended Abstract: OE_Global_2021_paper_105.pdf :page_facing_up:

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UNESCO OER Action Area: Building Capacity
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Hello @Jacques_Dang and @carole.schorlestefan, are you well?

My name is Bea de los Arcos and I’ll be chairing your session on Monday. Are you all set? Will you both be presenting? Please see my welcome message on the Webinar 01 page.



Hello Bea,

Thanks for the welcome!

Could you please update the list of speakers to reflect what was included
in the extended abstract?

Missing are:

  • Torunn Gjelsvik (ICDE)
  • Wayne MakIntosh (OER Foundation)
  • Zeynep Varoglu (UNESCO)

Many thanks for your help.

Kind regards,

Thanks Jacques, I can’t do that myself but will certainly pass it on to colleagues at OEG.

@Jacques_Dang @bdelosarcos The authors have been updated here as well as on the webinar and schedule pages.


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Many thanks, Alan.

Kind regards,

Here is a link to the general outline of the session;

and a link to the presentation on the adaptation work

Warm regards,

As Zeynep Varoglu is unfortunately unavailable, Torunn and Anaïs will be presenting her slides.

Great to know about the course; I noticed it mentions portuguese and spanish and it would be wonderful to know if this is implemented or is in course. We have just recently launched a new version of open course on Open Education (https://cursos.aberta.org.br) which includes discussions on OE, OER and Digital Rights. Looking forward to seeing the recorded session!