The Shape of OEGlobal22 Visualized with Twitter TAGs

We know that ot everyone uses twitter or maybe they have jumped to other social media, but still, it is a key point of connection/sharing for OEGlobal22 – so please share often from the conference with the #oeglobal22 hashtag

Like in our previous events, we use the the Twitter TAGS Google Worksheet developed/shared by Martin Hawksey to curate all tweets tagged #oeglobal22 . This tool not only archives tweets (view), but also provides overall activity summaries (view).

But the most interesting feature is the TAGSExplorer , a visualization of all tweets tagged #oeglobal22 dusokaying all participants, where the size of a twitter name is proportional to the number of tweets shared, and lines connecting them representing “conversations” in terms of replies and mentions.

As things are ramping up, it is just getting started, the tabs on the top left produce a histogram of the most active participants:


And if you click on any of the bar charts, you can see a summary of that account – No surprise to see @ginofransman near the top.

To really see something really interesting, explore the Replay Tweets button in the summary!

And here is my trick, if you tack on &name=twittername (no @) to any tag explorer url, you can review the activity of one account within the network-

Have you tweeted with #oeglobal22 ? Can you find yourself in the visualization? What does the data indicate about your degree of connection?



Welcome to day 1 of #OEGlobal22!
Cool visualisation, Alan!

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As one of those folks who prefers not to use closed social networks like Twitter and Facebook (preferring open social networks :slight_smile: ), I’d love to see people at #OEGlobal22 posting to the Fediverse, too!

If anybody is, please let us know, so we can follow you via Mastodon, Pleroma, and other (open) Fediverse tools that support the open ActivityPub interaction standard!

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Hash tags are within the scope of a mastodon instance, right, Dave? So I spotted @Enkerli tooting here #OEGlobal22 - Mastodon

Not sure how/if you can track tags, are they federated?

No forgotten at all, we did open a discussion seeking how people are making these choices Social Media Choices for Open Educators


Contrary to “birdsite”, Mastodon is decentralized. There are some tools to track hashtags across instances. Have yet to play with them.

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Yes, the very much are. You can search on hashtags, and I believe your Mastodon instance will search all the hashtags in all the Mastodon instances across which any of the people your instance’s users are following… Also, your instance admin can choose promote hashtags (that are compatible with your instance’s terms of use/service) from a feed of trending hashtags that are supplied by various 3rd parties in the Fediverse. Plus, there are likely to be hashtags trending on your own instance as well.

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Just put some data on the 'hub, using a random “download all tweets from a given hashtag” site.

Can make for an interesting analysis. Even paired with the work done by @cdlh’s team in the big room. (Had a quick chat with two of them. Diallo Ciré was part of that team and he also tweeted.)

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