The View We Never See in Zoom

This is my space from where I like to work though it is not my home-office. It is actually the dining room. The window and the view is relaxing for my eyes, it- the view of the road even kind of puts me on the path of thinking. Evening sky looks beautiful from here with all colours.
[It also makes it easier to grab a bite or a cup of chai (tea). :grinning:]
The table of my home-office on the other hand, faces a wall. Maybe some other time will share that



I’m on my way to Nantes later today - and very excited! I’m looking forward to engaging with all of you and meeting some of you in person. I haven’t travelled since 2019, so this feels like an extra big deal, in part bc I have the privilege of bringing company along with me: I’m currently in Paris with my 13yr old, and she’ll be in Nantes with me, if largely chilling in the hotel. We’ve had an amazing 36 hrs or so walking (and tasting) our way around Paris…here we are outside Sacre Coeur!




Usually I face a wall where photographs taken by my daughter are framed or sometimes the balcony with small climbers.


Looking forward to meeting you!


Me too. I will be in Hyderabad sometime soon. :slight_smile:

It’s 9:00am in Nantes and 1:00 here in Saskatchewan, Canada, where I am operating on CET timezone the next 3 days, so the view now in our office/library is d-a-r-k.

but brightened by seeing the signing of @jsebesta1


Hi @clhendricksbc

Impressed with your accessibility “hack” for images on Discourse.

As far as I know, Discourse does not support the ALT tag natively, and was inspired by your clever solution, especially because I was trying to figure out a solution earlier today.

Thanks for modelling a good alternative!

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Good spotting Wayne, and yes, a solid approach to adding alt descriptions is just writing it.

In discourse, it’s a manual method… when I upload my image below, it is rendered in the editor as


where the first blob is the file name 50680464743_1610bde340_k I try to manually edit that so i shows in mouseover and clicking the image…

Hardly ideal- who but me likes editing Markdown?


Newb question - Do you know if a screen reader will recognize the mouse over image description?

Asking for a friend :thinking:

Your friend can try View source… That is rendered as the alt tag in the image as well as the title tag on the hypertext link. A screen reader will see the HTML, so it works


Fantastic @cogdog

My friend is very happy with that validation.

Prompt and useful advice from the OE Global team.

Now off to copy your gift of knowledge for OER friends.


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**I do (like editing Markdown, given the option) :slight_smile:

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Awww, that is great, Alan! Quite “Meta” to see, on my screen, your screen with me on it! :slight_smile:

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Thank you! I tried to find a way to do it through adding alt text to the image here but it didn’t seem possible, so I figured in the text itself is better than not at all!

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Oh nice, thank you for the hack! So you just put the description into the blob instead of the filename?

Yes that does work but it’s marginal difference to a reader, what you did acts as both a caption and alt, and maybe in a way is better as it is very visible as a practice.

I tend to put attributions below images, could easily make it attribution +alt.

Not too sure if one is technically “better” but is much better than none!

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Just before leaving Nantes, I used this booth in a coworking space to participate in the 11th edition of Dawson College’s MoodleDay. Though it wasn’t directly related to OEGlobal22, I spent quite a bit of time talking about interactions during the conf, sharing links related to OE, and getting people to think through ways to open up collaboration using platforms like Moodle.


Just saw as a new discourse feature, edit the image description from preview rather than in manual markdown


This is now available here in OEG Connect, no need to enter Markdown to write good alt text. After uploading an image in the editor, on the right side preview is the alt text with a pencil to edit (it defaults to the file name which is hardly useful).