Two Creative Commons Webinars on AI Inputs, Outputs and the Public Commons

Given my interests in technology popularly known as AI (but not, nod to @poritzj) I’m already signed up for two sessions next week from Creative Commons.

Thank @NateAngell for sharing the details

Each session features a different set of panelists:

Me and my robot friend will be listening in our library.

"Tired Robot” by Alan Levine was generated by the DALL-E 2 AI platform with the text prompt “A pensive robot sitting on an ornate orange armchair in a library, Cubist style .” OpenAI asserts ownership of DALL-E generated images; CC dedicates any rights it holds to the image to the public domain via CC0.

Note how poorly this “intelligence” understands cubism!

I regret missing both of these webinars! Did anyone here attend? Anything to share back to us here?

Here is another new read on the ins and outs of copyright and model training sets. It’s as clear as_______.

Thanks @NateAngell for flagging me about the sessions-- are the recordings available?

The CC AI webinars were recorded and will be shared next week, along with recap blog posts. Stay tuned to the CC blog (or social and newsletter linked in the footer) and I’ll try to remember to share the link back here.

As Nate mentioned, these were shared in a broad post by Creative Commons on

The post summarizing both of these webinars (which my cursed schedule worked agains seeing any of them, so I am cuing for reruns) includes both the archives and key resources shared in each

We look forward to seeing how Creative Commons leads us in facing the onslaught of Ai-mania