Understanding the role of the librarian in saving learning costs for students

Who can help me with a or more contacts with librarians as I am trying to understand their role in OER and how we can help them save learning costs for students? Thank you kind regards Elisabeth

Hi Elisabeth - I am quite hopeful there are many more in this community that can help with you find contact with librarians who support use and development of OER. It seems like an increasingly common role at higher education institutions but also in the public library sector.

There’s so much one can suggest! Since you posted within the CCCOER area here, their very active community list (which you can join) has almost weekly postings from community college OER librarians.

Quickly rummaging some links, try

I’d also suggest the Association of College Librarians who recently organized an Open Educational Resources (OER) and Affordability RoadShow on which a featured speaker is our own @heatherb Director of CCCOER.

Maybe also look to the work the SPARC European Network of Open Education Librarians where our OEGlobal Board Member @Paola is a key active person/leader/smart person.

Also, there is very valuable work through Library Futures led by @chellreed on the role of public librarians in OER

I am sure I am barely scraping the surface! Perhaps if you specify more clearly what you are seeking as written

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As my colleague @cogdog suggests, please do join our community list! It’s a great place to email and reach many, many librarians involved in OER.

Hi Elisabeth! Happy to help if you need me, please feel free to reach out :slight_smile:

Here some basic info/links you might want to explore to get to know the ENOEL better.

The European Network of Open Education Librarians (ENOEL) aims to build capacity for Open Education in libraries of Higher Education in Europe. We work to enable libraries to partner with pedagogues, educators and students on Open Education initiatives. We do our best to understand the community’s needs and progress through research, sharing knowledge across countries, and advocating for Open Educational Resources, Open Education, and open infrastructure. Our work helps advance the implementation of the UNESCO OER Recommendation.

Our work is visible online in many places: