UNESCO Recommendation on OER Annotation Jam at OERcamp

Rosa the annotator is inviting you to a Dec 10, 2021 session at OER.camp… not a presentation, but a 2 hours time frame where anyone can drop in and add some annotations to the growing collection. For the musicians, this is like a jam session!

We can Do It! Let's Annotate the UNESCO OER Recommendation
Remix of Wikimedia Commons Public Domain Image

Links to Be Shared

As a reference for anyone joining the session (or later)

Jump right in to the Pressbook

which includes these versions of the recommendation, annotation endable

Let’s Annotate the OER Recommendation… Together

UNESCO Recommendation on OER (official version)

Compare to annotated version

Crowd Layers View of Activity https://crowdlaaers.org/projects/oeglobal.html

OEGlobal 2021 Conference https://conference.oeglobal.org/2021/online-conference/

OEGlobal 2021 Conference (annotatable content!) in OEG Connect

2022 Congress in Nantes

Three Days of Focus (and Annotating) on the Building Capacity Action Area (December 2021)

Let’s Raise the Numbers on the Crowd Layers Dashboard

See overall activity at any time https://crowdlaaers.org/projects/oeglobal.html


Jam with us or anytime on your own…