Welcome to the OE Global 2021 Conference

Welcome to the lobby for the OE Global 2021 online conference. Use the main buttons to find conference information, the schedule, and session details. Here in the lobby you can introduce yourself, meet others, and be part of social activities (learn more…)

The conference will be open for the world to read the program and discussions; registration is required to join the live Action Area Webinar sessions and to participate (post) in discussions here. If you are interesting in the full experience, register now .

As a conference participant you will receive an email with a link to create your account on OEG Connect if you are new to the space. The account creation process includes general suggestions for getting started in OEG Connect, such as customizing your profile (for more detail see the OEG Connect Guide ).

If you have an OEG Account, and are not listed in or cannot see the conference directory, you can request to be added.

Guides to the Conference Venue

What to Do Now

Explore and connect!

If this is your first time in OEG Connect, please refer to our user guide especially the first steps for new users and making use of actions and notifications.

We recommend regularly checking the main conference lobby where you can find all conference areas and also meet up other participants.

We are a community - let’s celebrate our differences and shared experiences. Here are a few ways to do so:


Hi there. I’m logged in but don’t get a reply button showing up when I’m in the interactive activities section. I feel like I may have messed up my authentication when I went into my profile and changed my email address, after logging in with the old email address.

Hi Tannis,

This was fixed but I must have forgetting to reply! It was not an issue of your email address just that we had to add you to the group that has access to post replies. Hopefully you were able to do so!