Your Title, Flair, and Badges

We understand there is much to learn using this OEG Connect environment. It is new, different and perhaps bewildering to first time visitors. Please ask any time for help, message me or the help team.

I will try and answer them as we go.

My Title is Wrong

You may see in your public profile (when you click any person’s icon, the “card” that pops up) or your listing in the attendee directory may say “OEG 2021 Attendee” when you are a presenter, or even it might reflect your participating in last year’s contest.

Without boring you with too many technical details, the default title is the one added when you first join OEG Connect.

But this is under your control, you can change that by editing your profile (that link will open only your settings when logged into OEG Connect).

Under the Title heading, you can select from several options – the choices come from OEG Group Membership or Badges you have earned (see below).

You can also choose “none” as an option.

What If I Don’t Like Any of Those Titles?

Unfortunately you cannot create your own title, but as the system admin, I can! If you message me directly @cogdog tell me that you want to be known as “The Wizard of Open Data”…

What is “Flair”?

Ahh, this means you looked at your user preferences! “Flair” are small badge like icons that are displayed overlapping your avatar (see the Wizard’s card above).

The choices here reflect again OEG Connect Groups you are part of or badges you have earned.

Badges? Badges?

We will reveal more during the conference but badges will be awarded in OEG Connect for outstanding participation, contributions,or just special affiliations. Your account will show a notification icon when you have been awarded a badge.

Our first round of badges are for OEG 2021 Presenters – if you are presenting and have not received a badge… talk to me.

I hope this helps!


Dear Sir,

I am a presenter (for pre-recorded presentation) of the conference and wondering where I can find information/instructions about how to upload the presentation materials and in which format I should prepare/produce such contents.

Your guidance on this is highly appreciated. Many thank. .

Best Regards,

C. Ouyang

Welcome back to the OE Global online conference… You can find most of the information for presenters here

The format is up to you- it can be an embedded or linked video, but can also include slides, audio, and any other information about your topic.

Here is one example

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Thanks for adding the flair @cogdog! I :heart: my CCCOER flair.


Dear Sir/Madam

Thanks for the prompt response and assistance. It is indeed helpful.

Have a good weekend.

Best Regards

C. Ouyang

@cogdog I am unable to change my title to presenter. Can you please help me change this? I am presenting on Friday: How we helped teachers use the largest OER in the world--Wikipedia :sync:

Thank you

Hi Nichole – I am sorry we missed listing you as a presenter. I made the changes and set your title. Thanks for being part of the conference.


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