Your Voice, Your OEGlobl22 Experience

The after effect of OEGlobal22 continues to glow for many of us. Please check out these video testimonials recorded at Nantes featuring several conference participants:

I am right now editing a podcast episode highlighting the sounds of the conference, that will include the recordings from our Twitter Spaces Coffee Conversations, the testimonials above, and, maybe your voice?

If you can reply with a 2 minute audio clip, I will add you to the podcast. You can upload as mp3 in a reply here , email any audio file to, or, one of my new favorite web tools, record with Sodaphonic Boombox and just send a link.

Whether you were in Nantes or Not in Nantes, send us a highlight or a shared story from your participation in the conference.

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Thank you @cogdog!

My response is here on Sodaphonic:

We really enjoyed the conference and thank you to all!


You are the best, Laura, thanks for the audio clip as I am starting to edit this week.


Here is my response, @cogdog! Thanks for doing this – can’t wait to listen.


Here is my response! An amazing event with amazing people involved, hope to come again!


Thank you Will for sharing your voice and comments on the conference, especially for noting the importance/value of multilingual consideration in not only content, but how we convene and share.

And thanks as well for making the journey!

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