Welcome to OE Global 2020

September 1, 2020

Welcome to the venue for the Open Education Global 2020 Conference, which will be taking place here November 16-20, 2020.

The program provides 15 hours of programmed sessions on Monday, Wednesday, Friday, spanning the time zones of our host Taipei Medical University (Asia) and co-hosts TU Delft (Europe) and eCampus Ontario (North America).

Plus there are conversation and collaboration activities, and workshop sessions, on Tuesday and Thursday, but available all week long too.

Our Conference Venue

Like any conference this online space is framed around real time discussion and conversation. We have have built this within our OEG Connect community space running on discourse software that makes those conversations a primary focus. We have an under five minute guided tour:

The top red menu bar provides convenient access to the most used conference areas.
Here is a map of all of conference areas, available from the main lobby.


For more about the venue, see

What’s Going on, When, and Where?

We have programmed sessions spanning the globe. On Monday, Wednesday, and Fridays, there are sessions in East Asia, Central Europe, and Eastern North America friendly times. All times for sessions on this site are displayed in your local timezone.

To browse sessions by presentation mode, see the listings for Keynotes, Live Presentations, Anytime Presentations (asynchronous), Workshops, and Posters. See also the exhibit areas and scheduled sessions from our conference sponsors.

Each session includes a Save button so you can add it to you personal scheduled. During the conference, links to Zoom rooms will be available too. But also, each session is a potential conversation. Presenters will post links, slides, and other relevant materials. All conference participants can use the reply button to make comments or ask questions.

We also have a chronological organized view of the schedule, available everywhere from the top red menu bar under the link for Program. From here you can again save sessions to your personal schedule. You can see your saved sessions using the Only Show My Saved Sessions button in the top right:

What to Do

If you have not done so already, see our guide for first steps for new users and making use of actions and notifications.

We recommend starting in the Meet and Greet area, this is a good example of how the conference areas are set up.

A good starting point would be to reply to Who is Coming to OE Global 2020? with a self introduction. See responses from others and reply to others.

As described in the Conference Update, due to the negative impacts of COVID-19 the conference originally planned to take place in Taipei, Taiwan, will now be online.

After extensive consultations with the main Conference host, Taipei Medical University, as well as the Open Education Global Board of Directors, the decision was made to transition the OE Global 2020 Conference into a hybrid event which will include virtual and potentially some face-to-face events. We believe that this is the right decision for our community, as we all work to manage our way through this period of disruption and concern.

Stay Tuned

Look here for news about the conference and its unique format. Feel free to ask questions. Look for more activities in the time between now and the conference.