:sync: A Survey on the Open Access Textbooks for University Teachers' Teaching and Universities Promotion in Taiwan

Author: Sing Yi Lu
Institution: National Chengchi University
Country: Taiwan

Topic: Applications of Open Education Practices/Open Pedagogy/Open Education Research
Sector: Higher Education
UNESCO Area of Focus: Developing supportive policy
Session Format: Presentation


During the digital age, the increasing demand for digital textbooks for the higher education environment, coupled with the high price of textbooks for college students, Open Access Textbooks has become one of the teaching resources that the university is committed to developing it. This research expects to share the use of Open Access Textbooks by university teachers in Taiwan, to initially understand the reasons why teachers use Open Access Textbooks, how to use them, and the effect of using Open Access Textbooks. On the other hand, this research summarized the viewpoint, attitude, consideration of cost, and anticipated benefits of OA development agencies in Taiwan’s university about Open Access Textbooks. The results of this research infer that the reasons for the use of Open Access Textbooks by university teachers in Taiwan are mainly to reduce the cost of textbooks. In addition, considering the concept of copyright for scholarly resources in Taiwan’s university students is still weak, teachers expect teach students the right way to use digital resources by Open Access Textbooks. University teachers will use Open Access Textbooks for supplementary materials in order to provide students with multimedia resources, take advantage of digital resources, and cooperate with the information behavior of Digital Natives. It is expected that the characteristics of Open Access Textbooks can be used to promote the learning outcomes of students. This research applied a questionnaire to understand the viewpoint of Open Access Textbooks for OA development agencies in Taiwan’s university. As of now, most agency have the desire to develop support services for Open Access Textbooks, but there is still no complete strategic planning. OA development agency will face due to the lack of human resources, the lack of awareness of Open Access Textbooks by the competent authorities and teachers will affect the outcome of the promotion of Open Access Textbooks in the future. OA development agency should improve the teachers’ and students’ awareness of Open Access Textbooks in university, consider to build the cooperative relationship with other OA agencies, and establish a complete strategic plan for future development of Open Access Textbooks.


Open Access Textbooks, University Teachers' Teaching, Universities Promotion