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Greeting for the day,

Can any one here suggest me what are the besr open resources for higher studies like e.g. engineering, medical stream, lawing, arts, commerce and for political, where we can find them , is it possible can we collect all the data and can store at one please for student to use it when ever they required?

Hello again, Ramit.

This is a very broad question- I would guess this is related to your earlier post about creating a means to share open resources where internet is not available via a local device.

So it seems you seek content you can offer without requiring internet access?

Are you looking for specific kinds of open resources, like content, videos, readings, interactive activities or something more comprehensive like open textbooks or courses? It might help to share examples the kinds of resource you are seeking.

For wide range scanning of OERs perhaps look to OASIS, OER Commons, or MERLOT. In your previous post you got a connection to LibreTexts - for some of the fields mentioned perhaps try OpenStax.

Thanks for returning here.

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