About this Connect Space for OE Global 2023

This conversation space is for OE Global 2023 Oct 16-18 in Edmonton and those in participating from afar. We are embracing here the conference vision of braiding (more…)

We are excited to create a different approach to our conferences that provides value to both those attending and those who cannot be there in person, but not as a hybrid or online conference experience, but a way for anyone interested in the conference themes and activities to “braid” our ideas together.

How will this work? It’s not neatly organized as a web site, everything is driven by the opening of new topics and replies in the conference areas. This includes:

  • The main common space is for general discussions, greetings, introductions, like the lobby of a conference venue. Inside are four subspaces
    • Information Desk where you will find announcements, guides, resources, plus ways to ask for help. If you need anything, ask there!
    • Live Sessions is the place to find two “viewing rooms” where streams from the two main conference venues will be live streamed. A schedule of all sessions is listed there, and will be displayed in your local time. We also will offer a few informal OEG Live webcasts directly from the conference floor, more like the hallway conversations between sessions.
    • Braiding can be almost anything as we explore the conference vision of braiding as a metaphor for finding connecting, sharing resources, all in the sense of everything being related. Braid with us!
    • Sponsors and Partners is our virtual exhibit hall. Meet all the organizations who are supporting this conference, and discover what they are offering during the conference. Use the space to ask questions or set up meetings.

Suggested Links

Partners, Sponsors, and Exhibitors

Meet Partners, Sponsors, and Exhibitors

Can We Help?

If you need assistance at any time, contact me @cogdog or @oegconnect here by direct message (click one of those names to see how to access the messaging) or email us connect@oeglobal.org

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