OEGlobal23 Presenters' Guide

Below is some important information and tips for conference presenters at OEGlobal23 in Edmonton.

Read the Attendee Guide to:

  1. learn about planning your trip,
  2. the program platform, and
  3. how to engage on OEG Connect.

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I'm Presenting at OEGlobal 2023

Know When and Where You Present

Confirm your session’s date, time, and location in the Sched OEGlobal 2023 platform. Ideally, plan to be present for the entire track that your session is part of. The entire Open Education Global 2023 conference program is visible on Sched. Please note: there may be changes over the next few weeks.

You should have received a Welcome email from Sched. If you haven’t, please email us. If you haven’t used Sched before, please register to access the site. You can download the app on your phone – Apple Google Play – to have the OEGlobal program in your hand.

On the Sched platform, please check:

  • Your presentation details
  • Ensure that all your collaborators are listed correctly (even if they won’t be in the room)
  • Feel free to update your abstract or add more information or resources
  • Get the best from Sched with this Speakers Guide.

Important note: Pack a USB key (storage device) to load your presentation and transfer it to the room’s presentation laptop.

When you get to the venue

  • Please collect your name badge from the Welcome desk.
  • To present, please use the laptops provided in each room at the Edmonton Convention Centre. They will be ready for you in each room.
  • There will be internet access and wifi set up on each of the laptops provided.
  • During the break, take the opportunity to load your presentation onto the laptop provided and check that all works well.
  • To connect to the internet, the network at the Conference Centre will be named ‘Encore’, and the WiFi code is ‘OEGlobal’

Presenter Support

  • Two NorQuest Digital Marketing and Venture Development students are volunteering in each room as part of their Community Service Learning (CSL). They will all be wearing red vests.
  • Make sure you connect with the CSL students in your room during the break before your track.
  • Please confirm with them if you’re happy to have your photo taken and if it can be used on social media.
  • Confirm if you would like for them to introduce you. Note that because of the short timing, there will be no introductions of lightning talks, speakers will self-introduce.
  • To keep sessions on track, the student volunteers will hold up 5-minute and 2-minute signs for time left
  • The students are not there to provide technical support, but they will happily run for you to get technical assistance, stationery, water, and other small tasks
  • Please help them to have a great conference experience and complete their project work!

Technical Details

You should arrive as early as possible before the block of time when your session starts to load your presentation or test equipment. The conference venue has a designated computer for presenters that is available/suggested for use. Your options include:

  • Presenting from a web browser e.g. Google Slides, Haiku Deck, Prezi, Reveal.js, a PDF posted online.
  • To save time loading the web address, consider creating a short link (e.g., bit.ly) that will be easy to type into the computer.
  • Transfer your slides to the presentation PC. On these machines you will have only Office software, PDF reader, and a web browser (Edge or Chrome). Other software cannot be installed.
  • Bring your presentation on a portable USB storage device. Ideally, it should be in a stand-alone player format.
  • If using Zoom in the rooms (that are not being streamed), any Q&A session in that room will have to be relayed through the presenter at the podium so that remote speakers can hear the question. Or you will have to run zoom from your own laptop. Be prepared to mute your mic when remote speakers are talking to avoid sending audio feedback.
  • If swapping out the supplied laptop for your personal laptop, please connect the same cables to access audio, projectors, and screens.
  • There will be internet access and wifi set up on each of the laptops provided.
  • To connect to the internet, the network at the Conference Centre will be named ‘Encore’, and the WiFi code is ‘OEGlobal’

Please allow sufficient time before your presentation to get your materials set up and tested.

If you have any questions about the in-room technology, ask as a reply below, send a message to the Help Team, or send an email to conference@oeglobal.org.

If presenting in Salon 8-10

When presenting in Salon 8-10 provide your presentation to the AV Desk in the room. They will load your presentation. There will be a podium, microphone, clicker, and down-stage monitor for you to see the screens on either side of the stage.

Rooms with Action Labs

All will have a whiteboard, a stationery kit, and table flip charts for your use.

Please reply below with any other questions about the Action Lab room setup.

Sharing Presentation Materials and Adding More Resources

Your session listing in the program is taken from the abstract you submitted as a proposal for the conference. You can add much more to it by including additional information, links, and uploading resources, not just your slides, but also perhaps documents, prompt discussion, and links to followup activities (like a discussion here!)

You are more than welcome to create a discussion topic here in OEG Connect in the Braiding area, perhaps to pose questions or calls for ideas that can allow attendees to engage in followup conversations.