AI Interested Meetup?

I was asked by @cdlh how we might find a time slot in the dense conference schedule to at least informally gather those interested/worried about AI and open education to explore what we might collaborate on. As evidenced by attendance at sessions on day 1, the provocation in Cable Greens keynote, the question is much, what can we do together?

That’s a tall order

@paulstacey suggested perhaps meeting before the main sessions ? Or at least signal interest here in Connect so we can at least make contacts.

Hello to All

I’m interested. And I’m lurking from California. :wink:
I’ve been leading the Learning Machines discussions at the Western Institute for Social Research in Berkeley, California.
“Artificial Intelligence is neither” - Kate Crawford


@cogdog For those of us in Edmonton there aren’t a lot of open time slots where those interested in AI could meet. The best option I can come up with is to invite all those interested to arrive early at the conference centre, at say 8:15am Wednesday morning, where we can form a circle in the conference venue hallway and just do a round of introductions and interests in AI. I’d be happy to facilitate this with @cdlh. My personal hope is that some kind of Special Interest Group for AI could be formed that would enable ongoing discussion beyond the conference within this OEGConnect space.

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Thanks Paul, this sounds like a best optimal plan. See you there