An Open Music Playlist and a Place to Say Thanks to Paul Stacey

The end of this month, year is just about here! For OE Global, this means saying farewell (but not goodbye) to Executive Director Paul Stacey (@paulstacey), who is transitioning out of the the role he held for five years.

We invite you below to reply below with any messages, memories, stories, gratitude to send to Paul as he moves on to his next steps.

This has also been an exciting time to welcome on board our new Executive Director Andreia Inamorato (@Andreia) who is settling in to lead OEGlobal into its next phase. If you have not listened already, we recorded a conversation between Paul and Andreia about this transition and as an opportunity to get to know Andreia.

Open Music For Paul

As part of the staff send off for Paul we have curated a playlist of open licensed music from the Free Music Archive (FMA) as Music for Paul one of the highlights on our new FMA Curator page.

If you want to add to the collection, just reply below with the web address for a Free Music Archive song that makes you think of Paul or maybe suggests a wish for his future.

Music for Paul a new FMA playlist.

Share a Message to Paul

Repeating from above, we invite the community to share any messages or greetings to Paul, just reply with anything you want to share, maybe a photo or just a story. You can also make use of a Flipgrid we set up at the OEGlobal 2022 Conference for a Tribute to Paul

Share your thanks to Paul, in any form you choose!


One more small parting gift, helping to preserve @paulstacey here in OEG Connect… he has been emojified! :paul:

To summon the emoji just type into your editor :paul:

Apply as needed :wink:

Dear @paulstacey :paul:,

Thank you
for the work you have done for Open Education at large (so far)
for the work we have done together, here and there, during the last few years
for the online calls in your early morning
for your caring attitude in finding effective ways to talk to challenging people
for the privilege of seeing their approach also change for the better over time
for your patience in waiting when needed, before continuing the good work (but without giving up)
for your smile during meetings, even when you were overwhelmed.

Perhaps nothing “exceptional” is listed, per se, and your contribution to the OE community is immense even if I am not talking about it here. But all these small things make work enjoyable daily, problems manageable, and difficulties downsized. Most of all, they put people first and preserve relations between them.

So thank you: I appreciate this so much and will carry it with a smile into the new year, knowing I can rely on what I learned from you. That is no little thing :blush:

Now though, I wish you to mentally disconnect for a moment, to drink good wine and eat good food, to laugh, to continue to appreciate precious affections around you, to enjoy the company of good friends and to smile at your own weaknesses with benevolence, when they confront you, knowing many, many strengths offset them. First of all - and most powerful - kindness.

Happy Holidays and warm wishes for 2023, with all the news it will bring you :star2:

Thank you for these very kind words.
A very special early Christmas gift!
Good relations between people, care, being together, such things are an inherent part of Christmas.
And why not year round?
I try to make them so.
And I’m glad that such a way of being leads you to carry a smile into the new year.
I am winding down, resting, and reflecting on these past years and the way forward.
My new years wish is to laugh, to learn, and continue the good work. Albeit in a different way than these past five years.
But ours is a journey with many paths.
Know that my path is guided by precious affections and lit by the company of good friends like you.
Wishing you peace and joy these holidays.

I’ll see you on the other side.


I give this addition an enthusiastic 3 out of 3 Paul Stacey’s :paul: :paul: :paul:


Thank you for sharing this with the community. It lit up my day.

Fantastic and welcome to OEG Connect! Were there any tricks that did exceptional lighting?

Please introduce yourself and say hello to the community, tell us your interests in open education?