:sync: Applying Peer-Rating Strategy to Enrich Student’s Learning Experiences During the Period of COVID-19

Author: Han
Institution: Center for General Education, Taipei Medical University
Country: Taiwan

Topic: Applications of Open Education Practices/Open Pedagogy/Open Education Research
Sector: Higher Education
UNESCO Area of Focus: Sustainable OER
Session Format: Presentation


Covid-19 speeds up online learning in higher education, and a new revolution of teaching methods is arising. Because teachers and students enter hospitals frequently, Taipei Medical University decided to take early epidemic-protective measures and encouraged most of the teachers to implement remote teaching in March, 2020. However, it is not easy for teachers who execute remote teaching for the first time, and students’ attention and reactions need good strategies to grasp. Peer-rating is one of the ideal strategies to achieve that goal, and the Immediate Response System (IRS) offers this kind of platform. Several studies have suggested that digital interactive technologies have been applied to increase learning motivation, but one of its important functions, peer-rating is not elaborated. In the present study, 39 students, who took the course “Gender and Mental Health,” were asked three times in the spring semester, 2020, to evaluate other students’ oral presentations with simple Rubric evaluation criteria which includes two quantitative items and one qualitative item. Student reactions data were retrieved, and their opinions on remote learning from the homework of reflective journals were analyzed as well. Results showed that students enjoyed in and were satisfied with this learning experience, for example, “It’s so good that we can have teacher-student interactions during epidemic prevention period,” or “Through this class, I really learned a lot.” In addition, many students did their best to provide concrete and useful feedback like, “The ppt is beautiful, but talking speed is too fast,” or “It’s rich in content and explained so fluently to be a teacher!” It’s important for teachers to list all requirements (including deadlines of all tasks) clearly, so that the learning processes will be smoother. Besides, noticing students to provide their earnest and genuine feedback will benefit a lot for students who were evaluated by classmates in this happy learning journal.


peer-rating, Immediate Response System, remote teaching, learning feedback