Be Social: Creating Healthy Screen Breaks with Mindfulness

Erica Hargreave (StoryToGo / Ahimsa Media / BCIT / UBC) @EricaHargreave, Lori Yearwood (StoryToGo / Ahimsa Media)

During this session, presenters will share and practice techniques they’ve used to create healthy screen breaks in online work and teaching days with mindfulness, stretching, creativity, and silly fun for both adults and kids. Participants will be encouraged to share and contribute their own techniques, struggles, and solutions to creating healthy screen breaks.

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Hello OE Global 21!

Lori and I are getting excited to share this relaxing and fun session with you tomorrow (Wednesday).

Briefly, a little on us, we are storytellers and educators that are focused on creating media that promotes cultural understanding, social good, hope, and light hearted laughter. We do this across platforms of media, and in an immersive and interactive way. I am a scientist and teacher, turned writer, actor and media strategist; and Lori is a dancer, writer, historian, and teacher.

As for what to expect, we will be setting this up as a Birds of a Feather Session with opportunities for all of you to share and ask questions around your challenges and solutions to taking healthy screen breaks in your day. And this will be an active session in which you will have the opportunity to practice mindfulness exercises, laugh, stretch, breathe, and enjoy a bit of light hearted play.

As a tease here is a much shorter version of this session that we did as a Gasta Session with Tom Farrelly and @mdeepwell at OERxDomains 2021.

We’d be remiss if we did not give a nod of thanks to Saul Carliner who encouraged Lori and I to turn this session into a Birds of a Feather Session for the CNIE 2021 Conference.

To give you a bit of background into the development of this session, it came about after I ended up with post-concussion syndrome from a car accident, which I’ve discovered can be aggravated by too much screen time or certain types of screen work. This of course was shortly after I’d started into an online Masters and was teaching online for BCIT. Realising that if I was dealing with such struggles, our students might be too, so we began to share a bit of digital hygiene by building relaxing, fun, and healthy screen breaks into our online courses. You can find some of those screen breaks on my personal website, which are openly licensed for you to reuse, remix, and reshare:

Meanwhile, both to help me and to help herself to manage anxiety, Lori began training in mindfulness instruction as a yoga teacher. Below are a few of the resources that she has built and shared on our various sites to help others with mindfulness and relaxation:

You can also find a few other of our health and wellness resources from our sites, below:

And last, but not least, here are a few videos we’ve created for people to enjoy at their own pace:

Feel free to reuse, remix, and reshare any of the resources that we’ve shared here.

We look forward to engaging with you in a bit of R&R in this Birds of a Feather session.

~ Erica and Lori

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As this is a Birds of a Feather session, we are hoping to hear about your screen break challenges and solutions.

We’d love for you to use this discussion space to share those too.

So excited to join this session!!


Thank you for taking this initiative and for sharing these great resources. It is very important to take time to breath and slow down, more and more now.


For a daily dose of Stillness follow @livedtime on twitter or see


I didn’t end up sharing our slide deck today, as I was enjoying being able to see and engage with everyone on the screen, but I am attaching it for anyone that wishes it. The pictures on Slides 2, 4 and 5 are all clickable and will take you to some of the activities that we discussed.

Screen Break Birds of a Feather - OE Global 2021-compressed.pdf (1.4 MB)

Fun. Thanks for those Alan!

Yeah, it’s so easy to forget to take the time, and so very important that we do.

Thanks for joining us today, Mario, and for bringing all your great energy.

Awe! Thanks Isla. Lori and I really appreciate all your great sharing and the wonderful energy that you brought with you. Thank you. So very glad that you could join us.

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