Call for participation to some super cool and related Wikipedia articles

Following some discussions yesterday night over tapas, I thought I would suggest a topic related activity which would be … to improve three wikipedia articles which need your love and attention.

The first is the very general overarching : Open educational practices - Wikipedia

Already quite long, but clearly need more work

The second is the brand new : Intellectual property policy - Wikipedia
which might benefit of a couple of paragraphs to provide insights on how those IP policies (many different names do co-exist) are developed in University frameworks, in particular the open access processes and strategies as well as the open educational resources.

The third is quite general as well, but seems quite outdated to me (most dates being prior to 2016) : Open educational resources - Wikipedia

I hope some of you will feel inspired and help improving those three ones :slight_smile:


What a great activity (the best ideas come over tapas – and wine!). Thank you for inspiring me to add to these articles.

“Tapas inspired” could be a new methodology! Thanks for putting out this call Florence.

I’ve had an idea that perhaps OEGlobal can take on as an organization maybe a more active role in corralling / organizing / instigating needs like this for Wikipedia (and maybe Wikidata). Maybe some combination of organizing / making use of available training materials, a method for identifying and surfacing needs like you have done, and then putting out calls for action.

We have much expertise within OEGlobal members and participants, so I am interested in finding ways to make something happen.

But yes, just glancing at the OEGlobal program and knowledge represented there, this should be something we try to do. At least I think so.

Until thanks for identifying Three in Need…