Capturing Open Educational Practices with ePortfolios :sync:

Gerry Hanley (MERLOT-SkillsCommons)

Open Educational Resources (OER) without Open Educational Practices (OEP) will not produce the educational transformations at the speed and scale that is possible. This session will provide models of how to institutionalize open educational practices with ePortfolios and help participants develop their own local strategies for supporting OEP with ePortfolios.

MERLOT ( has recently created a portal showcasing open educational practices for redesigning courses with technology, adopting OER, innovating career and technical education programs, using virtual labs, and moving online at The collection of over 1,000 eportfolios captured faculty's "know how" to adopt and adapt a wide range of technologies in transforming their teaching and their students' learning. The program for capturing and sharing educational practices through OER ePortfolios was implemented at the California State University’s 23 campuses serving a very diverse population of about 500,000 students, with 20 of the campuses designated as Hispanic Serving Institutions and 16 campuses designated at Asia, Native American, and Pacific Islander serving institutions. The innovative teaching practices targeted in a number of initiatives included redesigning course content and pedagogy to improve student success in high-failure-rate courses and virtual STEM labs, adopting OER in the Affordable Learning Solutions program, and moving instruction online through the support of quality assurance programs and within career and technical education programs. The ePortfolios are OERs that can be reused, revised, remix, retained and redistributed within the process of scaling the innovative practices.

The presentation will guide participants through the extensive collection that covers many academic and CTE disciplines as well as explain and discuss strategies for leveraging the portal for their local use. The presentation will review institutional implementation strategies which have been successful in engaging faculty in open educational practices and adopted in multiple institutions. The workshop will also demonstrate the use MERLOT's Content Builder application to create OER ePortfolios for capturing open educational practices at their own institution. MERLOT provides templates for ePortfolios with scaffolding questions that guide users through the comprehensive reflection and documentation of their educational practices as they create OER that are hosted free within MERLOT.

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