Come discover real-time word clouds during the conference!

This year, a new platform have been developed for the OEG Conference 2022 by students working within the UNESCO Chair.

Indeed, whether you are with us in Nantes or elsewhere, we invite you to join us to follow the conferences in your favorite language* through word clouds in real-time.

You can also interact with the “Like” feature of the sentences.

Want to know more about it? Join us on

*French, English, Spanish, Arabic.



This is very exciting to see for the first time, Melanie, after hearing of how this multilingual tool will be used during the conference.

If I understand, this will be dynamically updated in the main conference session rooms during live presentations?

word clouds shown in franch

C’est très excitant. J’ai hâte de le voir utilisé pendant la conférence.

Thank to everyone on the team for bringing this multilingual option to the experience. I am sure there will be many questions for them.


Amazing! Really excited to see real time word clouds. :clap:
So this will catch phrases from conference rooms and translate?

Excited to see how it actually functions!

Yes Sushumna, it does this in near real time, converting to/from French, English, Spanish, and Arabic. You will see it in the sessions operating in the main auditorium (and perhaps Salle 200).

Here is a wee bit of a GIF animation showing how it worked in real time from the opening keynote: