:sync: Creation of Canvas to Sketch out the Roadmap for Openness in Education at Institutions

Authors: Deepa Verma, Rohan Gavankar
Institutions: VIVA college, Virar west, Maharashtra.
Country: India

Topic: Applications of Open Education Practices/Open Pedagogy/Open Education Research
Sector: Higher Education
UNESCO Area of Focus: Building capacity
Session Format: Presentation


The current scenario of Covid has crippled the entire world and has affected economies. The education sector is one of the most major hit sectors due to this pandemic. India is a country with a very large & diverse population. There is a rising demand for quality educational content to be made available to this diverse population but there are issues like technological impairments, lack of trained teachers & poor infrastructure to fulfill this, which adds to the woes of academicians and institutions and it is imperative in times like this that the institutions become equipped and ready for such challenges. Institutions need to adopt OE policy so as to cater to the needs of the stakeholders. Our project aims at developing a policy using a bottom - top and then eventually top-bottom approach for our institution. The framing of the policy will be phased. The primary phase of the project focuses on training and creating awareness of OE & development and curation of OER by the stakeholders of the institution. These resources were implemented in the teaching learning process and their impact was studied. This study once validated can be used as a reference model for all other institutions.


Open Policy, OER, Institutional Policy, reference model, stakeholders


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