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Paola Corti (SPARC Europe)

The European Network of Open Education Librarians (ENOEL) is part of SPARC Europe’s efforts to make open the default at European level. Whilst some Higher Education libraries have taken on the OE challenge, others are still to do so. ENOEL is there to help all those striving to support Open Education: organisations at ranging maturities. As a result of a Hewlett Foundation grant, the network is focussing on activities to help implement the UNESCO OER Recommendation. It is growing fast with over seventy members from more than twenty European countries. Engaging members in different activities is driving experienced members to share their OE expertise whilst newcomers connect and contribute while learning more about OE.

ENOEL members are increasing activities to build OE capacity: interviewing OE Champions, organizing webinars to highlight members’ experiences and achievements, creating bite-sized knowledge outputs, and other advocacy tools and OER to help librarians with their advocacy, and providing OER and OEP to upskill OE librarians. They can be adopted/adapted by other OE non-library networks to replicate the benefits and thus contribute to further OE capacity-building in a multicultural environment. In a presentation we will tell our story of building capacity amongst academic librarians: on the process itself (OEP) and on the results (OER) achieved so far.

ENOEL members will also join the Conference website to share strengths, weaknesses, and challenges in building capacity on the session page. We will invite participants to explore how activities and outcomes of ENOEL members’ work can be reused and adapted in their contexts and share their feedback with us.

Furthermore, we will share the 2021 annual survey results related to the OE/OER service offerings and the skills of academic librarians to see where they are on the road to supporting the implementation of the UNESCO OER Recommendation.

Extended abstract: OE_Global_2021_paper_136.pdf 📄

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UNESCO OER Action Area: Building capacity, Sustainable OER, Developing supportive policy

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Hi there! Here are the slides related to my presentation: OEGlobal21_European Academic Libraries at work_PaolaCorti_SPARCEurope.pptx - Google Slides

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