First Post: Introduction

Greetings OEG Connect Community! :wave:

I’m thrilled to introduce myself to this vibrant community of open education enthusiasts. :globe_with_meridians::sparkles: My name is Florence Nkemjika Okoroegbe, and I’m currently navigating the dynamic world of open education as a second-year Master’s student at the University of Nova Gorica. :mortar_board:

Academic Journey:
I am passionately pursuing a Master’s degree in Leadership in Open Education, immersing myself in the transformative possibilities that open education holds for learners worldwide. :earth_africa::bulb:

My academic journey is not just about acquiring knowledge; it’s a mission to explore innovative ways to lead and contribute to the open education landscape. :rocket::sparkles:

Connect with Me:
I’m eager to connect with fellow learners, educators, and advocates. Let’s share ideas, and insights, and collaborate to harness the true potential of open education together! :speech_balloon::handshake:

Looking forward to engaging conversations and exciting collaborations! :star2:

#OpenEducationLeadership #OEGConnect #MasterStudent #UniversityofNovaGorica :mortar_board::globe_with_meridians:


heart Iwona Gniadek reacted to your message:

Hello and welcome to this place, Florence, and also setting an example for a warm hello. We’ve been hoping more people who find their way here will do the same… so you are already accomplishing the part of being a leader.

Maybe you can let us know what more specific areas of Open Education you are interested in, or perhaps more about the context of need/interest in the place you live /work in.

I’d also add is that there are others here who are graduates of or are in the program at University of Nova Gorica – thinking now of ones I can see in the user directory @hamisjuma @Geotijana @Lea

Personally, I’d like to read from those who have experience in the program. Maybe you can return here from time to time and share how your studies and research interests are evolving.

Regardless, this community is everyone’s to use and experiment with, so ask questions or offer ideas/resources anytime.

I extend a welcome from where I live and work in central Canada, where today it is very cold!

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The future of open education is secure with enthusiasts such as you entering and broadening the field. If you are interested in collaborating on developing capacity in LMICs for open publishing and open reviewing based around a set of open courses, please let me know.

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I cordially invite you to write story in the ebook I am working on

I hope you are doing well. Following our last email, here are the guidelines:

The reflective story could be from your personal or professional life, adding value to your life and the lives of others through rich experiences and examples.

The minimum word count must be 2000, but there is no maximum word limit.

The story can be written in ANY language so that a wider audience can read stories of their interest.

We will handle the formatting and will show you the final copy before publishing.

Kindly submit the story by February 15, 2024 at

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Hello Florence! :wave:

It’s a pleasure to connect with you here on OEG Connect. I share your passion for open education and believe in its potential to make a significant impact on learners worldwide.

I’m Hamis Juma, having recently completed my Master’s at the University of Nova Gorica as well. It’s fantastic to connect with a fellow enthusiast in this vibrant community. :smiley:

Feel free to reach out anytime to share thoughts, insights, or just to connect. Here’s to a fruitful and collaborative journey in the world of open education!

Thank you again, Dr. Munir. I hope some readers here take you up on the call for stories. For more reference see an earlier post here with details on what is being requested

And I hope, Dr Munir, that you will consider the possibility of organizing your own events March 4-8 through the Global Forum for Teacher Educators and contribute them as part of OE Global’s Open Education Week. We are aiming to have as much global activity happening then as possible to make open education highly visible.

@cogdog Thank you for the warm welcome. I hope to share more about my area of interest and intended projects(research)

Hi Hamis!

It’s a pleasure connecting with you here. :innocent:

Thank you Dickh. I will reach out. :slightly_smiling_face:

Thank you Munirmoosa. It is a pleasure. :slightly_smiling_face: