:sync: Gamification and Other Innovative Open Source Campaigns for Open and Inclusive Civic Education

Author: Maja Cimerman
Institution: Today is a new day, Institute for other questions
Country: Slovenia

Topic: Global Collaboration, Strategies, & Policies in Open Education
Sector: Lifelong Learning
UNESCO Area of Focus: Inclusive OER
Session Format: Lightning Talk


My presentation is from a perspective of a non-governmental organisation (NGO) that develops open source campaigns for social good. I will show how open source campaigns should and often are considered a part of OER, what is their potential in educating students and learners of all ages, and how they facilitate international cooperation. I bring to the conference experience of developing multiple open source campaigns that use elements of game design to create attractive and appealing campaigns that highlight social issues and attract a wide audience. In our work we closely collaborate with schools and educators as well as with similar organisations internationally. Our games, platforms and tools are used by teachers to enhance their classroom experience, and are adapted by our international counterparts.


gamification, civic education, civic tech

Please find my presentation HERE.

Recording of the session:

Thank you for this presentation @maja, I find very interesting the projects that aim to improve the civic engagement and transparency.

I am from Costa Rica and a few years ago I worked creating an online platform only for teaching future applicants to politics in local governments, and found out that younger people became more interested by using these tools. It is still on my target to write about it :slight_smile: