How They Did It: Case Studies in Leveraging MOOCs for Continuity and New Learning Opportunities

Many colleges and universities are still considering approaches to best meet their needs and those of their students in this highly changeable environment. While higher ed largely recognizes that a blended environment of in-person and online, synchronous and asynchronous experiences is critical in the face of abrupt shifts and for continued resilience and success, many are still struggling with the question of “how does it work”? Universities need compelling offerings to attract and engage student. Faculty need turnkey solutions that work WITH and FOR them. And students need to enter the workforce with the knowledge and skills for employability for today and for the future.

Join this session for real-world examples of how universities of all kinds and sizes are using online content to deliver robust student experiences, support faculty and meet the needs of institutions.

Featuring Amit Goyal, Head of India and S.E. Asia, edX Online Campus

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